Hey everyone! I'm Abhishek, and thrilled to join this community!

Hey all, I’m Abhishek from New Delhi, India. I’m 24 years old and have quite a bit of high myopia (which seems like it keeps getting increased every year or so)
Left: -6.5D and 180° x -0.5D
Right: -7.0D and 180° x -0.5D

I always had a hunch that myopia could be healed, despite what the ophthalmologists always told me. My instinct always believed this could be done, and after years of just passively trying out different stuff here and there, I finally stumbled across our beloved Jakey’s YT channel and website and started reading it up. Not to mention that I was quite sceptical at first but as I read through, everything started becoming clear (pun intended :smiley: )

I have already finished the 7-day guide just 2 days back and my first differentials will be arriving today! I hope I (and everybody!) get to write their own success stories soon, till then, may the vision be with us! :smiley:


Welcome. Best wishes on your journey :smiley: