Hey guys today first time i discovered active focus in just 2 seconds

heyo , i am kumkum from india . and a student of endmyopia ( bearly guru) . and it’s been a month that i’ve discovered active focus ( by watching and understanding through 7 day free guide and you tube videos but then i thought to do progress and finally i enrolled in paid program to get support of guru) . before few weeks i used to get image clear , nearly after looking for 1 minute or less or maybe longer . but today ( aww i am really happy , and the moment was fantastic ) when i walking by the road . i saw a tree and on that tree there were tiny leaves . that i was unable to see ( i was not using my spax ) and i just thought , an excitement came that i want to count these tiny small leaves that i couldn’t even see. and as i looked consciously towards the twig. something happened in just after 2 seconds . and everything was damn clear like HD quality . and i counted really tiny 6 leaves on top of the twig. and i smiled , i grinned . n that was i think a quick active focus , in just 2 seconds. and at that moment i thanked from the bottom of my heart to jake


Hey, Congratulations! It’s really nice when it works, a neat feeling.


Nice! Well done

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Welcome on board :relaxed:

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