Hey, happy to join the community!


I’m Sandra from Switzerland (the French speaking part). I was a discreet member in the FB group, because I try to limit screen time and I’m not a huge fan of social media. In addition, writing in English takes me some time and energy. I am not as quick and reactive like most of you :smile: (Btw sorry for the possible mistakes).

Like I said in my last FB post, I began wearing glasses in my young years with really low myopia (ciliary spasm, if only I knew). I followed the eye doctor’s instructions to wear them all the time, even for reading up close. My vision got worse and worse. I have always tried to find a way to recover a good vision. I knew it was not genetic, none of my family members wears glasses or has a vision problem (not even “age-related” presbyopia!)…With my actual knowledge, I think the excessive close up work in school and in my free time (reading books, tv, videos games, gameboy, etc) was the main cause, followed by lens induced myopia.
So I made some researches, googling here and there on the myopia subject.
I tried Bates approach for 1-2 years, living without glasses but with blur adaptation! Although some techniques are useful to reduce strain and relax the eyes, I did not have much success and was soon bored of the “exercises”. The only good point was that I stopped wearing my glasses all the time.
By chance, I stumbbled accross the Endmyopia blog in August 17. It was completely different from what I tested before. After a month of trial and a lot of reading from the blog, I finally found active focus (always though you should not do this or it will strain the eyes. In fact it’s the opposite, AF relaxes the ciliary). I soon saw the first improvements in cm. I wore my glasses a little more often but also more wisely to retrain my brain to expect clear vision. I changed some habits : screen further away at the edge of blur, more outside time riding my horse, walking or swimming, less close up work and phone, etc. My glasses started to feel too strong. Last November, the eye doctor confirmed some improvement and gave me a prescription of -1.25/-0.75.
I’m trying to equalize the two eyes. I made two successive reductions for the left eye only. I now wear -0.75 in both eyes (even if the right would be now ok with -0.5 or less, I wait for the left to catch up). Still some DV in the left eye.
I have gained a lot of cm since I found Endmyopia, from 47cm/60cm to 90cm/120cm (May 18).

I can see more and more frequently the 20/20 line on the Snellen (with the right eye or both, sometimes with the left one, but at least 20/30) in good light conditions, glasses free. So amazing! I realize the world around me is so sharper now, even at night. I go most of the time without glasses, using them only for driving or in some specific situations. But I haven’t reached perfect vision yet. I still need glasses at night and indoors with poor lightning. I have bad days too, sometimes less motivation and old habits getting back. I hope I’ll be able to have the driver’s license glasses condition being removed in the coming times but I think it will still be hard work to reach this goal. The improvement has also slowed down after the first big reduction.

I am very happy that I could join this community. I really like the idea that it is not on FB and that you make a selection of the members you let in. Terrible to see how many of the FB members are just there to post "silly"questions (that show they did read nothing from the 7 days email or the blog), waiting for you to give an immediate short cut solution…:roll_eyes: I also like the more “forum style” of Le Meow!

Thank you again Jake for all what you do to help people on their way to better vision! I wish we can spread the truth worldwide about myopia and the glasses industry.
And now let’s continue the Endmyopia adventure with Le Meow!


Sandra! :smiley: :smiley:

Super great 20/20 gains. Amazing.

And I used to live in Lausanne! Even though I’ve lived kind of everywhere, that year was incredible. Such a nice city and awesome people. Would have stayed longer if the Swiss government hadn’t kicked me out. :wink:

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Thanks Jake. I’m myself amazed how well I could improve :smiley: It just proves once again that the traditionnal myopia treatment is wrong.

Oh yeah! You’re right, Lausanne is a great city. I live not far from there.
What! They kicked you out…I wonder what you did for that :sweat_smile:
Anyway, you are a real globetrotter :sunglasses:

Now that I think about it, it’s true that without knowing about the basic biology of the eye and how vision works, active focus might look like a ‘tiring’ exercise for the eyes.

Learning that our eyes are technically meant to look in the distance and have a special muscle to help us look in close-up IF needed was mind-blowing to me. That totally changes the perspective!


Exactly! It’s also what I wrongly thought after reading Bates, because this approach insists on relaxing the eyes to see clear again. But that only possibly works for releasing the ciliary spasm, not for reducing the axial length.

Hi Sandra, how long did it take you to reduce your diopters?

I had my first big reduction of 0.75 D for each eye after 3-4 months (probably most of it was release of the cilliary spasm), then I got into the equalizing process, which took some time. But 8 other months later I was wearing -0.75 D both eyes. Now I wear -0.5 almost one year and a half after having found Endmyopia.