Hi all, new here... starting point report!

Hi everyone.

I´m new here, so I´ll introduce myself, my current prescription, and my next steps.

I´m 47 years old, and wear glasses since I was 3. So all my life has been “corrected”. I always had a “bad eye”, the right one, which was always ignored by my brain. Some doctors told that it was a vague eye (worn an eye-patch for some time… with no results). Others told it just had magnus myopia (-13 SPH and up). Lately, others told me that optical nerve was degenerated and there was little I could do.

So I´ve always “seen” with my left eye. It was also myopic, but not so as the OD… so it was corrected with the glasses, and contact lenses (in my adolescence age).

Some years ago, I received a fortuite hit in my OD, and it developed a retinal detachment… it was through a surgery, and some years later, another surgery for the consequent cataract. So I was gifted with an artificial lens which brought my diopters to 0.00 SPH, ideally. But the eye is still not seing perfectly even with full correction, because there´s more going on there, not just diopters (you know, optical nerve, neuronal activity, blah blah). Maybe OD can reach 20-30% acuity as much.

Several years later (actually, july 2020), I had a vitreous humor detachment in my left eye. So I went to the hospital and taking advantage of me being there, I asked for a prescription. They don´t do that (told me to visit an ptometrist… can you believe it?), but as an exception, they acceded to measure my OD.

0.00 SPH, +2.00CYL, 90ºAXIS

At that moment, I just didn´t care for prescriptions, so I can´t say if it was right pr wrong, honestly.

Couple of months later (september 2020) I visited my doctor (one of the best retinologist of Spain, they say). I asked him to take care of my vitreous humor and… to measure both eyes prescription. I was just sick of paying €700 each time I needed new glasses because I started to loose acuity. So was decided to have prescriptions and buy glasses online for €60 instead. Guess what he told me? Yes, he didn´t make measurements, and recomendation to visit an optometrist. But hey, I insisted and he made some measurements. These:

OD +2.00 SPH, -3.00 CYL, 175º AXIS
SD -5.50 SPH, -3.00 CYL 75º AXIS

Ok… as I wrote before, I didn´t care for prescriptions, so I didn´t even notice the total discrepance with respect to the hospital prescription of my OD. I just didn´t look at it.

I just told him I was going to order cheap glasses online with the full correction of both eyes (instead of putting a compensating lens in the OD to avoid funny effects). He warned me about those possible synthomps, but also told me that if I wanted to try, and didn´t matter to spend the money (even when it wasn´t too much), just to go ahead. And I did.

I was good with full prescription glasses, because as I said, my OD is ignored by my brain when both eyes are opened. It starts to work when I close my SD. Well, actually I see some short funny effects from time to time (maybe a little double vision, or something similar), so I guess my OD is trying to have its cake part, but it´s rarely important or disturbing.

But several months later (current moment), I notice I lost some acuity again. Then I started to research a little, and found endmyopia. Start to make some reading, measuring, got a trial lens kit, printed a snellen chart… and found out several things.

First, the hospital was right and the private doctor wasn´t. My OD prescription is aprox how the hosptital told me. In my home measurements, I find my max correction in this values:

+0.00 SPH, +2.75 CYL, 85º AXIS

Since I trust more the professional tools of the hospital, but I also trust the calmed, long time measurement (several hours of calmed testing) at my home… I bet the correct value is something in between. The axis angle of my trial lenses seem to be somehow poorly acurate. So, for my glasses, I´m going to go for the hospital prescription in my OD… I see better with that mounted in my trial frame than with my current glasses.

For the left eye, my measurements say this:

-5.50 SPH, -3.75 CYL, 75º AXIS

Here I find it quite similar to doctor´s prescription. More astigmatism, that could mean my lenses are not too good, or maybe that I just spent much more time measuring with calm, or even that astigmatism grown, and that´s why I feel acuity loss with my glasses.

So now I´m going to order my differentials and normalizeds this way:


OD +0.00 SPH, +2.00 CYL, 90º AXIS
SD -4.00 SPH, -3.75 CYL 75º AXIS


OD +0.00 SPH, +2.00 CYL, 90º AXIS
SD -5.25 SPH, -3.75 CYL 75º AXIS

And as soon as I have them, I´ll start using diffs for work (office work, PC all day long in front of me), I´ll try to 20-20-20, I´ll try to have outside time everyday, I´ll try to find that active focus strange thing, and will report back. I´m not in a hurry. If this method works, maybe it will do it slowly in my case (I´m not going to be obsessed with it).

I find this is extremley interesting, but of course I´ll be skeptical till I can find out for myself that it works. Honestly, for me it will be a great thing if it just stopped myopia growing tendency. Maybe I´m not asking too much, but I guess it´s just that I find really hard to believe that -5 SPH (so to speak) could be reversed “that easy”. I wish it´s true, and I´ll try to find out!

Cheers to everyone, and sorry for this heavy brick of post!!!


Welcome. You certainly have some health concerns, but it will be interesting to see how much of refractive state you might be able to address. Best wishes.


Just a couple of quick technical comments: Usually when you order you want to state your cylinder measurements in either positive CYL or negative CYL (they’re mathematically equivalent.)

Also you want your Latin abbreviations to be correct:
Right eye is oculus dexter OD
Left eye is oculus sinister OS (not SD) which would mean (LR=left right) which will confuse everybody. If you want to write “both eyes” it’s OU.

So your Left Eye OS diffs would be (assuming that you wrote it correctly in negative cyl) as follows:

You can use the converter here. You can write prescriptions with either positive CYL or negative CYL but use the same convention for each eye to avoid confusion. In the USA optometrists like to write in negative cylinder, and ophthalmologists like to write in positive cylinder. The same lens can be mathematically described either way. But use one or the other when you order to avoid confusion.

Good luck to you!

I’m concerned that you may have missed a sign change in the way you write your prescriptions. Before you order I would double-check everything and make sure you’re working in either positive cylinder or negative cylinder for the description of each eye. (Otherwise it’s like measuring your left hand in inches and your right hand in centimeters and placing an order for some gloves.)

The axis measurement will change 90 degrees when you switch from positive cyl to negative cyl, so please be careful.

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Thank you so much!

Oh, I knew Latin abbreviations… Can’t explain why I wrote it wrong in my post. Thanks for pointing it out!

I didn’t know about positive cyl conversion!.. And for sure explains the different measurements from the hospital and private doctor, as the conversion of:

+0.00 sph, +2.75 cyl, 85 axis


+2.75 sph, -2.75 cyl, 175 axis

That makes sense. They are then in the same ballpark.

Still, It’s a bit confusing for me, since I can place lenses in my trial frame for both kind of prescriptions and actually see better with the first one.

So, if I order (firmoo in this case) this, would it be ok in terms of signs?

OD +0.00 sph, +2.75 cyl, 85 axis
OS -5.25 sph, -3.00 cyl, 75 axis

Thanks again! Really helpful reply.