Hi everyone! Another high myope in the house!

Hi everyone! I am Iryna. I think it is a good time for a proper introduction!

I have been looking into EM since August 2020, but only now decided to really join the forum. I am 30y/o, I grew up in Ukraine, but have been living in beautiful Colorado, USA since 19y/o. I am mostly a stay at home mom with a 3y/o son. I also work part time at a furniture store, which is a lot of fun and doesn’t require to be in front of the computer all day long.

I have been wearing glasses since 10 y/o and every year it seems to progress. As a kid, I loved to play outside, I still have memories of clear vision from back then. My grandparents had a house outside of town where I would spend all day long playing and exploring outside. But then there was school (in 5th grade we had classes start at noon and until 7pm) music school, books, arts, crafts and less and less time outside. I didn’t have many kids of my age on the street where we lived, so preferred to stay inside.

In 3rd grade I could not see the board. I got my first glasses for distance, but wouldn’t wear them until I could not see the notes on the music sheet. Through my childhood, my mom encouraged me to wear glasses only when was needed. In 7th grade I have tried to get contacts to slow down myopia, but only to go back to the doctor next year and discover that my vision dropped -3D within a year. At that point, in 7th grade I was already -6. So back to glasses I went. As my lenses got thicker and uglier, I refused to wear my glasses. But I was also majorly under prescribed that I remember not being able to see the board in my glasses from the first row in the classroom. I had crazy blur adaptation skills:) It was only when I came to the US I went and got good quality contacts, mostly because I needed to drive a lot and I was just amazed how beautiful and clear the world was around me.

Fast forward, I am 30 and right now my full glass prescription in R:-9.75 L:-9.5. I wear contacts most of the time as I feel very insecure in my glasses. I have been going to a Behavioral Optometrist for the past 6 years and she lets me get away with lower prescription, so I mostly wear 20/40 glasses and weaker contacts. She also doesn’t fully correct me for astigmatism, as it is only about -0.5 in each eye. She does, however, add -0.25 sph in my right eye to compensate for astigmatism. Which I am extremely grateful for, as I believe due past experiences that astigmatism can also be lens induced.

My last visit was in August 2020, during crazy fires in Colorado when everything was hazy and foggy. That’s when my doctor said that my vision dropped -0.5D. I, honestly, had terrible habits during quarantine and lockdown. She pretty much scheduled a surgery consultation for me, as, according to her, “I had no hope, other than surgery”, not just LASIK, but the ICL surgery. As I read more about it, my hair went up, that sounded so scary.

That’s how I found EM. I never got the full prescription glasses, but I had to wear -8 contacts in both eyes for driving. I have tried -8 in both eyes and I just couldn’t get used to them, everything was so weird and I got a sharp pain in my right eye, great night vision though. I went back to my doctor and she let me wear my old prescription, which is L -8, R-7.5 contacts. I can see 20/20 in them. For my differentials, I use -7.5 old glasses.

I have been trying to focus on better habits since August, more outdoor time, minimum up-close time . I am realizing that EM is not only about your eyes, but your entire lifestyle. I used to do silk painting, as my hobby, and with bittersweet feelings had signed up to tennis lessons instead. I go on long walks, hoping to join my husband for my first 14er this summer. I take my son outside as much as I can. I also drive him to preschool which is 40 minutes one way, hoping that the drive counts as a long distance vision.

Unfortunately, no Active Focus success yet. I have tried the book, but can’t do it in my glasses, maybe tiny bit without my glasses, for 1 minute before my eyes start to hurt. I currently wear -8.5 for both eyes glasses as new normalized, but am wondering if I should up them even more. I am worried to go to my full prescription and start from there, as every time I have tried my full prescription glasses I get vertigo, and they are way too strong for the inside. I am not asking for advice, but would just like to hear about your experience at the start.

In October, I had to go back to my doctor to get 20/40 glasses and she said that my left eye could wear a -7.75 contact, but they don’t make them. I got so excited, and switched to -7.5 contacts for both eyes which give me solid 20/30-20/25 vision. But now days are cold and gloomy, and everything seems to be blurry again. I have managed to keep my eyes from getting worse so far, which is a huge success already. Baby steps… I am trying to be more serious about EM to have a fresh start in the Spring.

Any advice on Active Focus or any ideas on how to wear normalized/differentials for stay at home mom would be extremely appreciated. I wear my differentials for computer/chores/ mostly inside. Normalized for outside/driving on a sunny day. I have been in one spot for 6 months and read and listened to everything I could, I really start to think that I am broken as I can’t seem to start my journey. I would be just so happy to get out of such high numbers.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading such a long post and good luck to everyone! Your feedback and stories would be highly appreciated!


All the best


You have already started your journey - you have not gotten worse. For me the journey starts in the mind, and not with the eyes. You are also lucky to have a doctor who is willing to prescribe you to 20/40. Good luck.

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I am too from Ukraine. But I live in Ukraine :slight_smile:

And I have a similar situation. -9 contacts and -10 glasses, but with moderate astigmatism.
Also I have some eye misalignment that I don’t like to look left or right because I can’t get them to alignment there for some reason.

I’ve not found Active Focus in almost 1.5 years, but I am sure it does exist and that is something in my “line”. Initially my eyes improved .75, but then they lost 1.00. Now I am improved .25 to .50, so basically almost nothing gained.

3 diopters progression at year? Sounds awful. As I can analyze now, the worst years concerning my eyesight brought me by 1.50 D thicker prescription. But I hardly wore my glasses and they were very underprescribed, allowing me to see 20/70 to 20/100 at best.

Athough, recently I’ve found the main cause of my myopia - that is near esophoria.

My latest prescription could be as follows:
Glasses R -8.75/-3.25x180 L -9.25/-1.50x170
I wear -9.00/-1.50x180 both, but they sit farther from my eyes and are uncomfortable to see due to being too weak.

Diffs would be R -7.00/-3.00 and L -7.50/-1.50 and I wear -7.50/-2.00 both.

And contacts R -8.00/-2.25x180 L -8.50/-1.25x170. I thought to order -8.00/-1.25 both, but I decided to take a break on contacts. And I don’t like to use plus glasses, so I tried to use -7.00 without cylinder. Vision was acceptable, also it was the same with minus lenses for distance due to left eye.

Also I have had very early onset myopia so I don’t remember any clear vision. I started with -2.00 (-1.75/-0.50x90) at 5 1/2 years and if I do not mistake a moth before my 5th birthday my parents discovered I have very bad as for this age vision. Doctors prescribed me with -1.50 (-1.00/-0.50x90) to see 20/30 so even these times I did not have an imagination what clear vision does mean.

Now at -9 I’ve finally got 20/10 vision but it was time to reduce thus I had such a vision only for a month and now I again see 20/30 to 20/50 with my normalized.

By the way, how is your visual field? I have some darkened area near blind spots in both eyes. And my peripheral vision sometimes flashes when I rapidly move or shake my eyes. So I want to End Myopia because I want to have not only 100% visual acuity, but 100% visual field. In fact, “irreversible” retinal damage is rather common in such ranges, even in young people. I am 17, and 18 is soon.

However, 1/3 cases of retinal detachment happen in non-myopic eyes, and high myopia increases the risk from 1/300 to 1/20 - 15 times more risk.

Ви розумієте українську?

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Привiт! Дуже приємно познайомитися!!! :hugs:

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It is so nice to meet you! I am from Sumy originally, where are you from?

I am very sorry that you had to wear glasses from such a young age! I didn’t see a lot of people wearing glasses back then in Ukraine, and it always made me feel very lonely and hopeless, wondering why I am so unlucky and broken… But you are not alone on this journey! And hopefully we will be able to make more progress as the summer comes closer. It is all about little steps, little changes.

I have tried all possible exercises, Bates, not wearing glasses at all (which is absolutely terrible and doesn’t do any good for your eyes. I didn’t wear glasses all the time till 19, and I was probably -7.5 at that time, and I think that’s what has caused so much strain and my eyes getting so bad), EM is my last hope to at least stop the progression. Every year I go to the doctor and get stronger and stronger prescription, which is so depressing.

As for my visual field, I have no issues, or so it seems, as I have nothing to compare to. I wear contacts for driving, walking outside, and sports, because I try to pay attention to my peripheral. I wear glasses at home. Do you wear normalized or differentials inside for just regular stuff around the house, when not on the computer?
After I started learning how to play tennis, I would say that hand-eye coordination is something I should work on, for some reason it is hard to estimate the distance and I often miss returning the ball.

I am aware of retinal detachment, that’s why my doctor checks everything every year. I do get annoying floaters. So far, experimenting with taking pineapple enzyme ( bromelain), will see how that goes. I did change my diet a lot, hoping not to escalate the risk even higher, whole grains, almost no sugar, tons of veggies and fruits, and I don’t eat red meat.

So far, I am trying to learn AF with a book. I found someone’s post about putting an eye chart next to the window and look outside and then at the eye chart. I did have a few times of text clearing up pretty noticeably for about a second.

I hope we can share ideas and experiences about our eyes. Good luck to you! And, again, so glad to meet you here!

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I am from Lviv. Parents of one of my parents are from Ternopil oblast.

Well, especially in more IT-savvy Westen Ukraine there is a plenty of glasses wearers now. But each of them doesn’t have the lenses minifying their eyes too much. Of course, I and you have deviated (much) more from the medium range. So will be each 10th person on the Earth at 2050 if it will go that route we went before :frowning:

And no, I had a big enough deterioration this summer. And in the winter I am back to my starting point, even better than starting point. I attribute it to too much 20/20 correction in the summer and various experiments with sphere for cylinder trading. Also, I have had not as fine-tuned habits as I have now.

You are not unlucky and broken :slight_smile: You envy the unenviable - all people are subject to illness, and eventually death - there is nothing you can change about the last. I cross my 18, and I am out of supposed to be normal and happy teen ages, forever - the next war is for late teens and early aduthood.

I basically was at Bates all my life before EM. I squinted, stretched my eyes to see clearly but I and my parents have not had to guess as way more pronounced (psychoneurological) health issues were.

And nothing is my “last hope”. My goal is to see 100% (20/20 is included here) and I see only new and new methods to do this. If you do not believe in a “miracle” or a miracle, it will never happen. I know, pessimism and “realism” (who said us “grey” is real and “pink” is not?) are yet that slime so it was not easy for me to pass thorugh. I know doctors and at least half of the Earth could take me as mad and self-cheating - but I don’t care. I do not cheat myself, never allow myself to try.

I stopped my myopia progression naturally - this year I either am at the same point or even improved by half diopter. But I am with glasses again instead of contacts. I know this is very intolerable both externally and internally for adult women, and maybe even men, especially in this high range.

As for other natural methods I have found, it’s Ortho C lenses and Starecta dental splint.
I write every single lab worldwide to order Ortho C and I am one hudred percents sure my hands will proudly hold them the tail of these days, regardless they will reveal as useless pieces of silicone/polymer or grevious eye helpers. Starecta dental splint is mainly for a complete scoliosis reversal - when your jaw is balanced and teeth close evenly, your spine eventually untwists. But I see benefits on eyes - my divergence and binocular vision improved enough and I wore it only several days. It is evident maxillary bone misposition will create problems with inferior oblique muscle just because this muscle origins from there :slight_smile: And I had inferior oblique overaction on the test and this might be a single cause of my strabismus. So I do mewing 24/7, pushing the maxillary bone to its anatomical position, as well I don’t have narrow chin now and I hated it much when I had.

I have the “spot” around blind spot and some wavy distortion occasionally - maybe it is recent or it was from 2017 or before. But I doubt it was there when I was like -3. I don’t know whether it will go away on its own. On computer perimetry it is shown as “enlarged blind spot”, but in fact these regions of eye just have lowered light sensitivity. They did the test without contacts in and I don’t trust it with this serious underwork. The test of my blind spot I did myself shown my blind spot is comparable to normal one, or even is less than normal. Yes, the color and shape distortion is occasionally there and doctors don’t see the predispostion for that. I just never looked there because it is more apparent when one eye is closed. And it could appear as just more “darker” overall visual field illusion because of that.

The risk of RD is mainly rises with age then myopia level I guess. RD is detached and attached in many cases; but the problems like myopic maculopathy (Fuchs, lacquer cracks etc) are crappy enough to be overlooked with this agony. I don’t see eyes here with posterior staphyloma improved and the staphyloma went away, so I am not sure how malignant myopia reacts to EM. And of course, the restoration of 20/20 vision might not be possible even with reversal of myopia. I guess best corrected less than 20/20 is way uglier than uncorrected less than 20/20. I have 20/10 even with glasses. But we should not stop on stopping myopia progression; the problems usually develop with age and myopic RD and retinal degeneration patients are younger than non-myopic. Yes, non-myopic or usual myopic people also could have suboptimal retinas; for example every 10th to 15th had a retinal tear and almost everyone aged 50 and more has peripapillary atrophy.

About the floaters, I had them since childhood and many emmetropic people have it too. I don’t see myopia or high myopia as the cause of that.

Be aware blur cleaning up using blinking, squinting, pinholes or pupil constriction are all not Active Focus. If you have it on a wheel, many autorefractometers should notice it by producing 0.50 D different spherical equivalent or sphere each trial.

Thanks, I feel the same. If you would like to meet me closer, I can tell you my email in private message.

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Very interesting conversation! Would like to continue, Please do send me your email.

Anyway, we can continue to talk here if you would like to restrict our conversations to eye-related topics. I just don’t like to load this forum with the topics which would feel secondary on this forum. I have sent you my email, please check your private messages.