Hi everyone! Introduction + a question

Hi everyone! My name is Kat, and I’m a fairly high myope looking to start my journey towards better eyesight. I have worn glasses for a little over 10 years, starting in fifth grade (then at -5 in both eyes). As per my own centimeter measurements my eyesight is L: -8.25 and R: -6. I am currently wearing a contact prescription at L. -7 and R: -6 (undercorrected due to not having checked my eyesight in years whilst sticking with the same prescription). Very excited to be a part of this community!

I have tried to read as much as possible on the website, in the community and the 7-day e-mail guide, and have tried to implement as many beneficial habits as possible. I am now ready for the next step in getting my differentials, which I gather I can ‘improvise’ as plus lenses over my contacts in the beginning, as I am quite comfortable with contacts.

Before starting, I have a question: Is there anything in particular to be mindful of given the large gap between my left and right eye? I would loathe to accidentally make one eye worse at the expense of the other (if that is even possible!)

Thanks in advance for any answers - I look forward to starting my journey properly!


Welcome, Kat!

You should use the right lens-power for both eyes, so both eyes can clear up slightly blurry text by doing active focus/blinking. If you are not sure about using the right lens-powers, you can look at your usual text with usual distance with both eyes open and move your left hand slowly in front of your left eye to cover it and check how the clarity of the text changes with using only the right eye. Then do the same with your right hand and cover up only your right eye. If you have the feeling that both eyes have a similar clarity of the text, then you have found the right lens-powers.

Keep in mind, when you do active focus with both eyes, in the beginning most likely only one eye will clear up the blurry text (you can find out which by doing that hand-cover check). The eyes switch with the clear-up work often. But after some time, if you keep blinking and blinking, both eyes will focus and clear up the blur. Then you will see the text very clear and this will create a “satisfied feeling”, which should tell your brain, that this vision is right and then the positive stimulation will start effectively and you should try to hold that clear vision in the beginning. This means you should not blink too much, so the initial stimulation has more uninterrupted time to make an effect. Later even when you blink, you will not lose that clearer vision just by a blink like it would be in the beginning.

You should first improve both eyes, so you know how to do it. Later you can start working on the balance.

Welcome to the forum.

So your measurement shows a 2.25D difference but you wear only 1D difference. If your visual acuity is about the same in both eyes then you already worked away from the gap. A difference of 2 lines on Snellen can be about natural due to eye dominance. (However, be careful not to overuse one eye and leave behind the other one.)
If your last opto prescription was with 1D difference, and you feel OK with that, I’d stay with that but it’s me thinking with my eyes…
By the way, 1D difference is not a big gap, some people have over 3D. Half of it can easily be the eye dominance simply.

In general with EM, the recommendation is to start with equal drops / reductions from both eyes. Both for diffs and for norms. Only exception is any obvious overcorrection identified before the first drop.
So I wouldn’t recommend changing the gap unless you are 100% confident you know what you are changing. However, in your case, obviously first you will need to make the decision if the difference is 2.25D or 1D. (Secretly hoping you feel OK with the 1D difference as increasing back would give you added curves in the road. But as we say: you know your eyes best, so you will need to measure and observe and make decisions. We are here to support, listen or cheer on)