Hi everyone..Newb Here

Greeting from southern Mississippi. I turned 60 last month and also had a surprise. I haven’t worn my glasses for years because they started interfering with my close-up. Then I learned from EM that’s a bad idea, which is why tomorrow I have an optometrist appointment. During my years of no glasses, my eyes seemed to improve to the point of what you all call “blur adaptation”. I do gardening and lived in rural India awhile with no computers and lots of being outdoors and sunlight gave me clear flashes and I learned active focus reading stuff on computers when they were available again.

The surprise was when I was doing really well and started reading signs in stores noticeably clearer, I suddenly got struck with what the doctor says is a retinal tear. Yes, I had been indoors a lot at that time because i had started blogging on my IPhone. I am a nerd at heart that once I get into writing and research and all that again, I’m on the screens for hours on end. Forget about breaks.

One of my sons warned me about doing blogging on that tiny phone, but I figured they have facility why not? Well, I also had started eating a lot of factory food at that time which makes my allergies start up and well, I know this is bad, too…lots of eye rubbing.

So that explains the tear because my myopia must not be too bad. My second to last prescription which I somehow saved is from 2008 saying 3.25 for right eye and 2.50 on the left with some astigmatism and even presbyopia, most likely from aging.

The doctors want to operate and it’s hard to find one I have any trust in where I live that specializes in this. The group here does lots of Lasik the rest of the time and I have this dislike for western medicine to begin with.

I read that Jake doesn’t totally dislike it the way I do; it’s just that when my children were young, three of them kept getting sick from the vaccinations they received, including contracting whooping cough as well as life long immune problems. So the last son got no vaccinations whatsoever and had by far the healthiest childhood. What to speak of fixing all sorts of ailments over the years via knowledge of the basics of Ayurveda, which gives me a lot of faith in the bodies healing capabilities.

So to make a long story short, I now want to take better care of my eyes, reduce eye strain, etc. I already went straight back to my healthier farm fresh, home cooked diet. No more itching.

I became most inspired to join here for support after watching videos by Jake, Gemily and NottNott.

Oh yeah, back to the surprise because there’s more. What I meant to say is that after my brain adjusted to the big big floaters and light flashes caused by the retinal tear, I was amazed that my affected left eye, my dominant eye, can now see even better than before! That is the main reason I hesitate to bring it in for a laser to burn holes in the retina to make scars that supposedly, maybe will heal the hole, which they say “very unlikely” will heal on it’s own.

I did lots of research and talked to people who been there, done that and I really don’t want to go that route also because once you get involved with these kind of things, you may actually be perpetuating the misery (and expense), imho.


Welcome! Thanks for your post and enjoy your journey