Hi everyone...this is me

Hi all,

Just made my first Youtube video. I’ll try and keep it updated…but probably won’t haha.



Thanks for keeping it short and sweet, Wayne. I look forward to your updates.

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Thanks for sharing your video story Wayne.

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Thanks for sharing your journey so far.
It’s always refreshing to see people who are not overly worried over sometimes having to reset good habits and step back a bit in corrections. It’s so normal. (And it’s not the end of the world like some people seem to believe in this forum…)


Yeah, it’s probably quicker to take a step or two back, rather than fight on with excessive blur.

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After what seems like an eternity since pratically restarting EM I’ve suddenly make a huge leap forward in the last few days. I really don’t know what to put it down to but it’s got me pretty excited. My eyesight has been pretty terrible since lockdown way back in April last year, and I just haven’t really been able to get any improvement.

Distant street signs have suddenly cleared up where just a few days ago they were blurry and I was having a lot of trouble clearing them up, also my centimetres have jumped up from around 26 on average to around 28…in fact this mornings measurement was 29cm! All this in just a few days.

My right eye hasn’t quite caught up yet but I’m optimistic that it won’t be too much longer.

In the past this is about where I would normally reduce my normalised, but this time I’m going to be a little more patient and wait until both eyes are seeing at 30cm before I do that. Exciting times…


The huge leap forward was only temporary unfortunately which is a real bummer because I was so sure that I was nearly ready to reduce, and in the past I would have.

As of right now my cm are around 27 for both left and right eyes individually. Together they’re around 28cm.

I can read the 20/20 line on a 3m chart with both eyes, but it is blury. Individually I can only read the 20/25 line with each eye, also blurry…but the whole chart is a little blurry even the big E at the top unless I do AF.

Looks like I might need to stick with the -3.25 for a little while longer.

Patience Wayne haha.


Patience is one thing that one requires/acquires in large doses on the EM journey.

We could have a picture of a tortoise wearing glasses and EM Marathon painted on its shell. :grin:


Ain’t that the truth. I keep telling myself to hold out until my centimetres hit 30cm, then I’ll be able to drop down the a -3 again. By that stage though it will probably be winter at this rate, and I’ll then have the poor light to deal with as well. :laughing:

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I might be an exception, but after two winters since starting EM, I have not found any deterioration in vision during winter. This might be because of the latitude (French foothills of the Pyrenees) and having no big buildings around me blocking my light.

Could very well be. We get very glomy winters. Not every day, but most. The sun doesn’t come up until nearly 8am and is gone again around 5pm. But I also think a lot of it is that a lot of people tend to get a little depressed and just hibernate indoors over the winter, so even when it is daylight outside you tend to stay indoors in the warm.

I have a job as a sole operator mowing contractor, so spend most of the day outside all year round. But in the winter when the light is dim I find it very difficult to practice AF on anything. There is no text around just a sea of green…

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There is a lot of green here too, but where I live the fields are not massive. They are broken up by hedges and trees There are the ever-present mountains, often clearer in the winter than in the summer when heat fog can obscure them. There are scattered buildings and animals in the landscape, as well as power lines and fences. So there is enough variety to sharpen one’s vision on. Yes, it gets cold here too, but I have many large windows which still give me access to all this wide and varied visual field from indoors. And the dog will not let me get away without at least a half-hour walk every day, cold or not.

I assume that when you are mowing, you do have to keep your eyes mainly on what you are mowing, and this monotony of focal distance may not be the best thing. But we earn our living as best as we can, and at least it is not as close vision as someone glued to a screen to earn a living.

Yeah pretty much focused on a spot a couple of metres ahead of me most of the day, in a way it’s probably similar to being glued to a screen just slightly further away. Like you there are trees and houses etc to look at, so I try to look up from time to time, but I do tend to get get in the zone and just look down at what I’m doing. There is some driving around between jobs though, so that’s I when I try to look at number plates and street signs.

Great job being outdoors in summer and autumn, winter and spring not so much though.

I had a dog many years ago, I remember what that was like, going for walks rain or shine haha.

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It’s a really bright sunny day here today so I went out for a walk reading street signs and number plates. With my left eye there is almost no blur left, very small amount at a distance but pretty insignificant. The right eye however is very blurry. Might need to consider patching soon?

Centimetre is roughly the same in each eye, around the 26.5 mark, both eyes together is about 27cm. Although I’ve never been great at finding the precise edge of blur to take the measurement, so these are rough measurements only.

3 metre Snellen is 20/20 with both eyes together with some blur/double vision, but individually they’re both around 20/25 albeit a little blurry.

It’s strange how the measurements (both cm and snellen) put both eyes at roughly the same, but in the real world outdoors the difference is very noticable.

I think the left eye is almost ready for -3 despite the centimetres saying otherwise, but the right eye still has some way to go yet.

I’m thinking of taking up a job as a mower/gardner. Thought it would be great for me eyes. I’ts gotta be better than in an office with a screen!!

Most of the time I love it. Just put on some music on the bluetooth earmuffs and just zone out to the world.

Not great for doing AF though as you have you watch what your’re doing, and that involves staring down at the ground for a big chunk of the day. But yeah, probably still better than staring at a screen all day.

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Hey Wayne, thanks for sharing your story!

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Ok…I’ve made very little progress since my original post back in October, so I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and drop to -3. My right eye has improved slightly due to doing some patching over the last week, so both eyes are about the same now.

I can read to 20/20 on the snellen with both eyes albeit a little bury. Can fairly easily clear it up with AF.

My centimetres are currently at around 27/28cm which is around -3.5, so for the purposes of EM that would be -3.25 which is what I’m currently wearing. So dropping to -3 is a little premature as far as centimetres go (should probably be at 30cm) but I just feel that may dropping now might help kick start something.

With the new -3 norms on the 3m chart indoors is quite blury but I can make out the 20/30 line and even some of the 20/25 line, so I think I’m not too far off the mark here.

Will see how we go over the next week or so.


yeh. sounds good. I’ve heard some people doing this. Essentially doing a test week. just trying it for 7 days and no harm done if you go back after that amount of time. I think its only bad when your randomly changing focal plane multiple times a day, or at least I’ve heard jake caution against it.


Yeah that’s my thinking, like you said I can always go back.