Hi from France ! FunkyPou

Meow to everybody, companions of the road less traveled !

My name is Julien and I am from France (please forgive me).

I found endmyopia doing the most useless thing I do in my life, that is reading comments under a Youtube video. For once, the comment was more useful than the video, which was probably about the Bates method or some similar stuff I’m glad I didn’t loose time doing. Of course, after discovering this huge database of information brightened up with Jake’s special humor, I had the feeling I was on the right place.

Now I’ve been practicing for a year and I almost have reduced my glasses by a diopter. I can see clearly with my normalized (-2.50) on a good daylight using active focus but I’m still not sure I’ve made noticeable progresses…I don’t think centimeter measurement is accurate.enough to trust it and I’m a very absent-minded person so I’m not sure I practice enough daily active focus. But I keep a few new habits that are not annoying and I let time do his work.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a guitar player (don’t look so much at your neck, Julien, and take of those glasses when you practice :sunglasses::guitar:).

Best regards.

Julien aka FunkyPou


Welcome funkypou!

1 diopter progress is not bad! :+1: Practise your new habits and stick to them and your progress will continue! Good luck!

Oh my…same here…and I also read the Replies to the comments…as if I had all the time in the world. I definitely know why my vision worsened. Welcome and congrats on your progress. Love France! …only place I’ve visited where steamed milk is always served with coffee, the way it should be :blush:

Hi MarcoB. Thanks for the support.

Well, I actually haven’t made 1 diopter of progress. I had -3.25 and -3.50 with a tiny bit of astigmatism. My normalized have -2.50 on both eyes without cylinder correction. If you consider overprescription (I didn’t need so much to see clearly on a good daylight) and the lacking 0.25 to challenge my vision (blur horizon), I may have improved by 0.25 or 0.50 diopters only but I’m still not sure because I don’t trust the centimeter measurement.

Anyway, like you said, I stick to my new habits and see what happens with more time. Thanks again.

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Hi Mare. Funny (or not) how we can’t refrain from doing this stupid thing even when we know it’s 99% crap.
Thank you for your support.

I always thought only Germans do that, apologize for where they’re from :rofl:
I definitley love French food (cheese…) :heart:

Maybe re-check your habits, diopter gap and all?
Good luck!

Well, living in France and knowing how some French can behave in foreign countries, I’m pretty sure they are not the most appreciated tourists on Earth.
Regarding cheese, that’s an old story for me as I’m vegan now. But it’s definitely something I love and I must admit that France is a paradise of cheese.

Yes, I may need a bit more discipline. But I don’t think the diopter gap is an issue. I actually barely use my differentials because I don’t need any glasses for reading and I managed to use the computer from the sofa (around 2 meters), increasing the fonts size just enough to need active focus to be able to read with my normalized.

Yes of course, you’re a low myope - sorry, that doesn’t apply then of course!