Hi guys I am new here, looking for some of your guidance

Greetings everyone, last week or so, i stumbled across endmyopia after being frustated from my blurry eyes and glasses.
since the last week i have tried to read as much articles and blogs i could.
I had 20/20 vision till 2019, how did i end up here?
sweet and short answer- just played games(pubg) for 6 hours on mobile phone in one go, for a year( i now realize it was just too much)

first visit to optometrist (march 2019): got -1 glasses for both eyes

came home, deleted the games.

second visit (september 2020): no change in vision, same diopters

third visit(april 2021): good news my left eye: -0.75 and R: -1. My left eye got better by 0.25. However bad news was more concerning for me, i got -0.5 cyl in both my eyes. i had no clue what this cyl number is and i am still a bit confused

Now i need your help my fellow experienced pals. I have few questions for which i need your opinions:

  1. How do i calculate my exact blur edge distance, i got the 7day mails from jake and tried to calculate the distance, but i am confused bcoz i can see clearly till 70-75cm(in noon) , however i should be able to see clearly till 100 cm bcoz i have -1 in my right eye but i cant, does my cyl number effect the blur edge distance?

  2. what does 180 and 170 axis means in cyl numbers or generally what is axis??

  3. I have seen some of you guys convert cyl number into sph number, can u pls explain how? and which is more bad cyl or sph?

  4. In my 2yrs of wearing glasses i have never felt any headache or strain and neither my mopia is increasing does this mean my lens are correctly prescribed??.

  5. if my lens are correctly prescribed then how do i do AF? like i see clearly from my glasses nothing is blur, so should i remove them and then try to do AF?

6.I have been wearing my glasses for closeup work too? shall i discontinue wearing them in close up work??

right now i have these questions only, once i get all the facts and info cleared i will start my endmyopia journey.


hi it’s nice that you’re motivated and eager to learn but just so you know people around here do expect you to read the basics otherwise we would always be answering the same basic boring questions. anyway the cylinder is also measured in diopters just like the sph prescription but it means you have more myopia in One Direction. the axis shows your strongest angle and 90 degrees to that you have your weakest angle so for your weakest angle you have to add your sph diopters to your cylindrical diopters to get your full prescription. on your strongest angle you ignore the cylinder. this is why your edge of Blur might be lower then you expect because you’re looking at Lines on your weakest axis. If you have a 180-degree axis it means that at the horizontal lines you should see Blur above and below it. so you should try to look at a vertical line when measuring your simple myopia distance to blur and a horizontal line when you want to measure your sphere + cylinder


Welcome to the forum.

I agree with @Lajos that you will have to do a bit more reading. There are a lot of good materials on all of your questions here in the forum (use search) and on the EndMyopia Wiki

Your cyl value is negligible, I’d say you can totally disregard it.
Note: -1D is a range from 88.9 to 114cms, so you might be at the shorter end of it now.

The lower the diopter is the bigger range it covers. Click on the below to check what you should be able to measure as cms and what you should be able to see on the Snellen with uncorrected eyes.

Since you have very low myopia, I’d suggest checking this thread - everything is mentioned in the post that is specific and relevant for low myopia.

Simply put: don’t wear glasses close up, only wear glasses for distance vision. I’d suggest you keep your old glasses for that. Have enough distance vision time. And throw your smartphone away.

If you really want to explore cylinders and astigmatism, check these links.
But as said, I don’t think you need any cylinder. Fresh 0.5D cyl is negligible and should not be added to glasses in my opinion. Once you introduce cyl, you will always have cyl - at least in the opto prescribed world.

Cyl simply means that there are differences within your eye and one part needs different correction than the rest.
L: -0.75 R: -1 with 0.5Dcyl in both equals L: -1D and R: -1.25D no cyl
This is not an EM conversion, optos also use it, too.

To measure cyl

To understand cyl:


If you make the fan image full screen and walk away from it in a dark room, the 180 and 170 lines should start becoming grey or blurry faster than the 90 line. So axis is just a description of which line gets blurry faster for you (a measure of directional blur).

In general it’s no big deal and for most people it will go away just as fast as your myopia goes away. It tends to cause some annoying glare at night around headlights and stuff like that.


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sure i will keep on gaining more info, thank youuu

hi Biancak first of all i would say i was really eager to have your reply :sweat_smile: , this was due to the fact that you were in almost every thread and very helpful to everyone( you all are helpful), i would love to say that your regularaness(idk if this is correct word) is really commendable.

i am kind of addicted to clear vision from my glasses and as most of the things are in 180 degrees i see double of each thing from a distance, can i first fix my sph then come to cyl reduction?

i want to know about this.

i take my dog for walk everyday for 30 min and run for 30 min so at that time should i wear my glasses ??

thanks for the tips,
you are an inspiration bro(idk why i feel a connection, lol)

A lot of people find they can trade some CYL in their glasses for half as much SPH. If you’re ordering online you can get glasses for $5 to $20 per pair so you could try taking out the -0.5 CYL and replacing it with -0.25 additional SPH.

The #1 basic thing for you would be make sure you’re not looking at your phone or computer or books (or any close up thing) through your distance glasses. I wouldn’t wear them indoors at all probably if you don’t need them indoors. Maybe put them on only if you have to see the board or projector in school. You want to push your screen away as far as you can without it becoming blurry.

For walking the dog or running around in the park you want a little tiny bit less correction than your full correction, so that you can clear up a little bit of blur. If you drive a car to get the park I’d wear the full correction for that. When you’re playing around in the park maybe use your old pair of glasses that don’t have the CYL correction (slightly weaker). You might also try to see if -0.25 CYL works just as well as -.5 CYL.

If I were you I’d order a couple of pairs online with slightly lower correction and see if you can move into them as your eyes improve.

Less screen time will help. Get the screen far away from your face when you have to use it. More outdoor time will help, take the dog to the park as often as you can. At your very low level of myopia you could be completely out of glasses in a year or two.

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Thanks for the compliments :blush:

LOL :sweat_smile:
There are a lot of nice people here giving good advices. :smiley:

So this is what you wrote about your previous glasses.

  • No glasses until 2019
  • first visit to optometrist (march 2019): got -1 glasses for both eyes no cyl
  • second visit (september 2020): no change in vision, same diopters
  • third visit(april 2021): L -0.75 with 0.5 cyl and R: -1 with 0.5 cyl.
    I’ll assume you got minus cyl.

You didn’t need cyl before. You didn’t need cyl even 6 months ago. You have never worn cyl earlier.
Don’t start introducing it as it would mean that you are correcting differently within each eye and that gives an extra adjustment task for the brain that the brain never had to do before.
It’s very easy to get used to it and it’s very difficult to unteach the brain later.

-0.75 and -0.5 cyl is the same as -1D. And -1 with -0.5 cyl is the same as -1.25D.
It is a simple opto conversion, not a reduction at all.
You should have the same clarity with a pair of glasses with -1D and -1.25D and no cyl.
The difference would be a tiny one that should go away within a month.

I had -0.5D cyl, too, in my prescription. I had -1.75D and -0.5cyl and it was my opto(!) who changed it to -2.00D. So taking the half of the cyl and adding it to the sph is not a reduction yet, just a simple conversion. It was helpful for me because this way I could wear non-toric contact lenses. (Toric contact lenses continously turn around on the eyes because there is a weight at the bottom to keep the cyl in place and that gets moved with every blink. So would have been a no-no for me.)
It simply means that your eye is not totally even, a part is OK with -0.75D but a part could do better with a slightly higher correction. Like a table that you balance out by sliding something under one leg.

You have various options based on your new prescription and your desire to keep maximum clarity:

  1. you can keep your old glasses, the one with -1D in both eyes without cyl and just complete the challenge of reversing the myopia degradation of the last 6 months. To get back to your own previous correction from Sep 2020.
  2. you can have a no sph drop just cyl conversion by getting a pair of glasses with -1D and -1.25D no cyl
  3. you can take a challenge by taking the new prescription without cyl, so -0.75D and -1D no cyl

As you can see, if my eyes had your prescription and it was my decision, I’d sooner accept stronger sph or uneven eyes than introduce cyl. You can do some astigmatism exercises to work away that -0.5D cyl if you really notice that. But it might be that what you notice is not exactly the slight cyl just the general laziness of the eye…
Also, I’d look around for habits or circumstances that might have contributed to developing a tiny bit of astigmatism between Sep 2020 and now.
Strongly contrasting lights from a certain direction? Monitor one sided? Leaning to one side while sitting on the chair? Leaning to one side on the sofa / in the bed while watching TV or movies?

If you insist on sharp vision:

In front of the screen: no glasses. Even with the full opto prescription as it is, you should be able to see everything on the monitor while sitting at a healthy distance from it.

At home: I would assume you could get around without corrections. Especially with the routine activities in the morning and in the evening. If you need more clarity during the day, wear your glasses for those activities. But take the glasses off whenever you can. With or without glasses, focus on text on bottles and boxes on the kitchen counter, on the bathroom shelf, on the bookshelf, etc. Find the edge of clarity with these things, and just take one step backwards and see if you can hold the clarity. Maybe you’ll find that you have to start from as close as 1m and you can only gradually build it up to 3m or 6m or more. You can do it with or without glasses, it’s just the distance until the edge of clarity will be different.

Outdoors: I’d say in the beginning wear your glasses for all distance vision time. Don’t forget to keep looking around at things at different distances. Move your eyes often to get back the normal range of motion. Establish a favourite route and take note of all the things on that walk / run.
Once you feel that the clarity is really good, that you see a lot more details compared to the first walk, you can experiment with 2 things: take the same well known walk completely without glasses and just take note of the differences in vision, or get a pair of glasses with 0.25D sph reduction and take the same known walk and see how much the difference is and if you look at something slightly blurry if you can bring it into focus by stopping, relaxing the shoulders, neck, eyes, taking a deep breath, making yourself aware of the peripheral vision and blinking.
From here on it will be up to you how you alternate the original glasses, the reduced glasses and the no correction during your walk / run. But you should gradually get to the point that you have good clarity with the reduced glasses, too.
Don’t worry about AF. I got to 20/20 uncorrected without knowing what AF was.

Best of luck on your journey.


that axis image is life saver, i have downloaded it. thanks

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thanks, i will do a bit more research then order my glasses and see what works for me.

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I forgot to mention that, the reason i went to opto in april was due to the fact that i saw ghostings around the image and had a bit headaches at the end of the day, as i would constantly try to focus my eyes and remove that ghosting. so will it be good to use the -1 -1 glasses?? ( i dont have them now my glass retailer took them back)

can you pop up a link to the excercises(if available)

sometimes at night i used to look at phone for an hour, while in sleeping position on one side with phone close to my eyes( can this be a contributing factor)

sometimes i see that double vision at 65-70cm, so i wear my glasses, should i? or that is fine?

This is one I have used on Android.

You can also just look at images on your screen.

This spiral thing worked for me, when the room is dark get back far enough away from it that part of the spiral starts to glitch out, and then maybe move forward an inch or two. Then trace it with your eyes like there’s an imaginary car going around the racetrack, and try to remember that the line is the same black line all the way around. Then step back a little bit and try it again, see if you can hold the nice image instead of the glitchy one. There’s a little mental challenge to it, if you do it often you’ll soon find you can get further away from it without it glitching. If it’s too bad just get closer to it. Eventually you should get pretty good at seeing the horizontal parts as well as the vertical parts.

I wouldn’t spend a bunch of time doing the exercises, 3 minutes here and there is probably plenty.

If you have something like a digital alarm clock, test yourself with it in a dark room. If you work on it a little bit your brain should be able to clean up the horizontal lines in the numbers. Get a little closer to it until you can see it clearly and try to clear up the double vision. Once you have it looking good try to move back a little more and clear it up again.

You can also tilt your head from side to side while you’re looking at it, which should move the glitchy-blurry part as you tilt your head, but then your brain sort of figures out what the issue is and should clean the image up on its own.

With more outdoor time and less close-up computer and screen watching the astigmatism should go away.

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sure i will give practice it for few minutes everday. thanks


Hopefully the phone use is minimized now.

They are giving the most important tip. This is the basic principle to keep myopia from progressing. Please do look on the wiki for topics on low myopia to help set in the main points. There’s a lot of great information there.


yes still trying, now i use laptop for most of my work.

sure, still gaining info :+1:


This is the quickest way to develop astigmatism, to get cyl in your prescription. Root cause analysis complete. Stop this practice with immediate effect.
Maybe you did it more often recently, i.e. in the past year or you just did less of the compensating activities that balanced out this bad habit earlier.

Check these:
an app:

offline exercises:

Important: Be careful not to overdo them. The point is to learn to activate and coordinate your eyes as well as to learn to relax them. It is definitely not a muscle building exercise. It can fire back if pushed too far.

Move closer and measure at what distance the two images merge properly. It should be at least 55cms for sure with your level of myopia. Maybe it will take a bit of time to get your eyes to look with awareness and attention, maybe they got a bit lazy. Then add a few centimeters and maintain the clarity. Do it throughout the day and you will see that you can gradually increase the distance and it will become easier and easier to clear the DV.

If it is not happening, you can try going up 0.25D SPH in each eye. But you will have to have a tiny challenge. If you are fully corrected and zero effort, zero vision awareness is needed to see clearly then your eyes will not learn how to accommodate for improved vision.

I’ll still say that if you add this tiny cyl to your prescription, it will induce astigmatism progression and will stay with you.
Check my previous post again. I gave my opinion on your options (your eyes, you’ll have to choose, there’s nobody else to judge your vision) and suggested what to do close up, at home and outdoors.


Sorry for replying so late, i was bit busy so couldnt check the forum.
for the last week i have gone without my glasses for closeup and i see a lot more clear than after wearing the glasses. in the morning my eyes are at the best after a good sleep like i can see clearly from my balcony, just a bit out of focus.

yes i stopped it.

thank you all for helping me out, i will return when i have some more questions or some good news(hopefully soon)
cheers and best of luck to you all :slight_smile: