Hi! I'm Julia, starting EM

Hi everyone - my name is Julia. I’m in my late 30s, living in Seattle in the US. I’ve worn glasses/contacts since… I’m not sure when? Probably since age 9 or 10. My current Rx (last exam was 2017) is OD -2.75 and OS -1.50, and has been similar give or take .25 diopter for the last decade.

To be honest I never really minded wearing glasses. All of my family and most of my friends did, so it seemed totally normal, and even desirable in a weird way. My myopia was low enough that I often didn’t have to bother with glasses for reading (still don’t). I did have some terrible experiences with optometrists though, most memorably when I was 13 or so and the OD insisted that somehow suddenly I was nearsighted in one eye. I couldn’t see at all with the glasses he prescribed but he refused to change my Rx. I think I simply didn’t wear the glasses for the next year, which was probably for the best in retrospect :smile:

Recently though I’ve started to have problems focusing up close when wearing glasses/contacts, although without them my near vision is fine. Perhaps early presbyopia and/or being overprescribed? I started wondering whether there was a way to to just improve my vision so I didn’t have to worry about constantly taking glasses on and off to do near work, or eventually get bifocals (gah). After a lot of googling and reading a couple of Bates-y books from the library, I came across Endmyopia a few weeks ago. Admittedly I ignored EM the first few times it appeared my searches :slight_smile: But after I finally dived in the results reports were persuasive, and the process seemed logical and low risk. For now I’ve done the 7-day emails, started measuring my cms, read through most of the wiki (thank you wiki creators!), and ordered my 1st differentials.

My average cms are R 39 L 66, but I was astonished to find that my morning measurements (before any near work) are about .25 diopter lower than my midday/pm average. That alone has convinced me that my vision isn’t static and there’s room for improvement, at least within that margin. Joining this forum is mostly my way of keeping myself accountable and commit to coming back in a few months and report on any progress (or lack of progress). Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Whichever it is, the good news is that when your distance vision improves you have a great chance that this will go away, too. If it is overprescription, it will go away when you start dropping from your prescription, if it is early presbyopia, most people report improvement on it, too, as they are getting clearer and clearer vision at different distances and being able to dynamically change between the distances. As the accommodation of the eyes improve, most of the time the early bifocal symptoms go away as well.

Good luck on your journey, and yes, please report on your progress!


Hi @BiancaK - thank you for the welcome! That’s so encouraging to hear about the near vision issues.

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Welcome to the forum. Late 30s is not that early for presbyopia to start, and I can add nothing to Bianca’s reply other than to suggest that you measure your distance to blur at near point right now, at the start of EM, measure it occasionally as your myopia is reduced, and keep an eye on any changes. I have done this, as I am well and truly in the presbyopia age range, and I did not want to end up with reading glasses. To date I have kept my near points stable while my distances to far points have improved.

Good luck on this journey.


Ah, it didn’t occur to me to measure blur to near point! I’ll add that into my routine. I’ve been measuring pretty enthusiastically so that I’ll have a good set of pre-EM data :smile:

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