Hi, I'm Nadia from Italy

Hi Jack and everybody, I’m Nadia from Italy.
I’m 60, and I have some myopia and a bit of presbyopia.
I would like to ask Jack some questions because I don’t know how to proceed with the course.
I’m currently at the “Strain Minimizer: Differential Diopters” lesson.
In one of the previous lessons, Jack wrote “If your correction is less than -2.00, you can probably see your screen well enough. In that case, start a habit of never wearing your glasses for close-up.”.
Before that I must say I already used to not wear glasses.
Actually it’s 3-4 years i decided to stop wearing glasses at all, because I already tried on my own to fix my eyesight.
Jack said it’s not good to not wear glasses at all.
So I’m a bit confused what to do.
I have both astigmatism and myopia, but my left eye can see better than the right one, especially with closeup vision.
Next week I will check my vision with an optometrist to have a better idea of my situation, but for now I can tell you my centimeter results.
With the left eye 55, with the right one 20.
I’d like to know how I should proceed.

1)Since I can see PC at 50-60cm shall I avoid to have a correction close up lense for my left eye and wear only a correction lense for my right eye?

  1. At the moment I have only a progressive pair of glasses I bought 5-6 years ago which improve my farsight vision. Shall I wear it for far vision or wait to buy a normalized one later with the progress of the course?

Thank you!


If I understand currently you are in one of the paid courses. In this case use the forum accessible in the Support menu at the top of the course page. You get direct answers from Jake there, here most likely only some community members will answer.