Hi I'm Tii Chen, and I'm a future former myopic!

Hi you all dear guru’s kittehs and dearest beard himself!

Thanks for creating this forum, and for letting me in! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to keep it short but please excuse, it probably won’t work!

So I’m Tii, and that comes from Christina plus my (not so) little (anymore) favourite neighbour when she learned to speak. Later she added Chen, and I like the nick!
I’m 35, from Germany but my parents migrated from Hungary, so sometimes it’s weird.

Myopic since school, since I discovered the million, fantastic worlds of books. I’d spend days and those forbidden nights glued to a new novel, until I’d read it all.

Remember my mother being sad: I’m the youngest of 3, the only one with her eye colour - and unlike my dad, she didn’t need glasses (now does), so she’s hoped maybe one of us wouldn’t need them.
Remember how the eye doctor confirmed my eyes were as great as an eagle’s at an earlier eye test (before I could read).

Wearing contacts since age ~16 - incredible, how the world became more real, alive, colourful instantly!
Prescription worst in 2017, though stable for ~10 years, was R-5.25 L-5.00 with cyl -0,75 both.

Normalised since July 15th 2018: -3.25 R/L :slight_smile:

So how did I end up here? Had severe PMS/PMDD depression. That’s when you go crazy, aggressive, depressive, like lying crying on the floor wanting to die when you actually have your things packed and planned a nice day at the beach and were looking forward to it very much. Due to your stupid menstruaton once a month. And all doctors tell you: eat that contraception pill, it’s your own fault if you don’t. (Sorry guys, but it’s a horrible thing and I want everyone to know that there IS help! You could cure your girlfriends!)
I didn’t believe that nature wants half humanity to loose half their life due to this kind of shit (because 1 week you are insane, know it, but can’t help it, which makes you go more insane, and one week you are totally exhausted and need to recover). So I went to a lot of doctors…
What finally helped was joining a new sports group, where I had severe cramps (which I never had before) and someone saying: magnesium. Didn’t have much hope, since we all eat so healthy and enough vitamins in our glorious western diet, but tried it anyways. To my surprise, I noticed my monthly depression and desperation disappeared (and the cramps at sports, too - but those weren’t that bad!!).
Started searching online for magnesium and PMS (I had searched PMS before, but found lots of unicorn farmers and drugs only).
Ended up at a doctors hompage who states all micro nutritionants can have effects like these. Found lots of stuff that worked for me. This guy also posted about animals. He said they get myopic when kept captured, in just a few weeks. And restore perfect vision when set free again. First time I thought that maybe, just maybe, myopia is not genetic…
This was last year. Read a book by Meir Schneider. Interesting, made me realise how little I use my eyes. Tried every exercise once and instantly knew: I’ll never spend an hour a day for this - happy to get my regular workout done! Read another book by Leo Angart. Interesting, rose awareness again. Made me get undercorrectes lenses. So I ran around with -4, maybe 0.25 more or less, not sure anymore. I wore those exactly a year ago and everything was such a blur! Now, I’m wearing -3,25, way weaker ones, and see fine - you can’t believe what a wonderful feeling that is!! I’m so very happy!

While I wore them and read the book, I noticed two things: he offered historical explanations of myopia, but didn’t tell his opinion. Also, no one had ever explained to me what myopia actually is. It was something I got from my parents… Suddenly, I felt really stupid because I had never questioned it.
So I searched for it online and got lucky: I found endmyopia!!! :slight_smile:
After 1 month of overly reduced contacts, reading the blog, I just couldn’t go back up to full prescription. So I got new normalised contacts first, immediately dropping cyl and equalising (as I had been doing that month already), reducing 0.25/0.5. Feeling so bad to read the blog without differentials, haha, that was the worst!

Still wearing contacts but thinking about reducing that during work.

Last weekend I was camping. The campsite was on a hill, our tent uphill, had to go downhill to the showers. Didn’t have glasses with me because I had just reduced my lenses and was waiting for new normalised glasses. Still, I managed to get to the showers, like 5 minutes walk downhill, without glasses and any help! Of course, the sinks were much more dirty once I put my contacts in - but walking anywhere without glasses, even inside, would have been impossible a year ago!
I’m so happy and thankfull to have found endmyopia!
Thank you, Jake!

I’m at a lake right now and my phone battery is dying.
So I say hi to everyone, looking forward to great discussions and wishing you all succes (which you sure will have if you listen to the guru from the jungle).

I’ll watch some birds now.
Cu soon,


Yeah right
That was a good one :joy:

Cheers Michael

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Great story! Thanks for sharing. Love the title also, that’s the right attitude. We’re doing this thing! Better get out of the way! Haha!


Brilliant introduction!

Never know what washes up on the meow-shores when looking at a screen of random user names waiting to be approved.

ALSO. ME TOO! Hungarian parents migrated to Germany. Awesome. Literally nobody in my real life circle of friends even knows this, but now it’s in this forum. Yikes. Two super different cultures and peoples, so close together, and also residing in my own head. :zipper_mouth_face:

Nice gains you’re already making, it’s really super simple once you know how. And yes, minerals, me taking one zinc pill literally overnight fixed years of super annoying joint pain. No doctor ever even bothered to suggest a simple blood panel to check for basic deficiencies.


So, do you speak Hungarian, too? Once had a girlfriend who was half hungarian and tried to learn a little, I remember that I thought at the time that it was really hard, being so totally different from German (That was before I started learning Chinese :wink: )

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Jake, did you end up asking a doctor for a blood panel? I think I need to do that.

You don’t even need a doctor for that in most cases. Just go to a lab and pay yourself, they’ll measure anything :wink:

(At least you can do that here in Germany, I did it to get my Vitamin D checked)

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I’ll check into that. Is it expensive? I’m in the U.S. by the way.

@Sean lood test options are amazing in the US. I’m always so envious.

You can just go to a lab and get a test, pay, get results. No doctors needed. There’s also a bunch of stuff on Google on specialized tests, interpreting results, a very deep rabbit hole on diagnostic options. Prices depend entirely on the specific test, you can pick and choose. A lot of times you can get just a key test and then dig deeper if there’s an issue (like TSH for example for thyroid - if it’s normal, then the more expensive individual T tests are a bit more optional).

@mko Yes, speak Hungarian. Not exactly super well, though.

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Oh really @jakey U2?!? So, you learned German at kindergarten as well? It’s a bit embarrassing, but I can definitely write better in English than Hungarian… At least I can read and speak… Reading so slowly, though :smiley:

I figured from the blog you were German but moved to the US. Did notice you were in Hungary for at least a trip, and that you’re falling for their sweet sweets :cake: seductions just like me :smiley:

Joint pain, PMS - really could be anything! And doctors, yeah, they’ll do the most expensive tests on you, but not the basic blood work with easy, even cheap cure available…
Not entirely their fault, though: it’s not taught at university. Pharma is providing them information on drugs… They are not paid to actually help you, but by whatever weird standard, get money for random expensive, unnecessary tests - it’s the system! For now, there’s no money in vitamins, as you can’t get brand protection for naturally occurring things. That’s why they don’t use natural bioidentical hormons in the contraption pill for example, but some chemically altered ones - that confuse your body and have side effects…
Doctors laugh at you when you ask for a vitamin / mineral test - telling you it’s useless. I think most even believe what they say ( because they are brainwashed at university - and have no time later to learn).
If you have some suggestions in mind (keywords to search, or a specific website) on interpreting blood work, I’d appreciate it - I find all of this fascinating, but am still reading German stuff.

Now that I’ve posted this, it reminds me to definitely post a link to endmyopia on that docs site!

Thanks for the welcomes, happy to make you laugh, @mko :wink:

Thanks @Sean as well. I think it was you who posted in his introduction that you’re 47 and still figuring out what to do in life - you have no idea how good it felt to read that from someone a bit older than me!! :slight_smile: :sunny:
And yes, get a blood test - but read about what makes sense for you, just like jakey wrote!

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If you’re interested in reading something in German about vitamins, I can recommend the book “Vitamine: Aus der Natur oder als Nahrungsergänzung - wie sie wirken, warum sie helfen” by Dr. Ulrich Strunz. He also gives some recommendations for the levels in the blood which are desirable in his opinion.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t touch on minerals, but it is still a very interesting read!

Haha, guess what doctor’s homepage I was referring to… :wink:
He’s got books about minerals as well, just check his homepage.
Edubily is another one.
But thanks! :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Yep, that was me. Thank you for the info, and for kicking off this conversation.

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@jakey thanks for the info! I will check into that.

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@Tii_Chen I’m not sure actually exactly about my early German. Probably my parents added it to the mix, and then kindergarden.

I can read Hungarian if it’s something vital and I have time to play Egyptian hieroglyph interpreter. Writing not so much though, es magasni nem tudok (at least that’s what I conveniently tell people). :smiley:

I’ve lived in the US as well as dozens of other countries. Used to have a British English accent, but American is just more fun.

Blood tests, I started off with the big general one. Liver, kidney, thyroid function, lipid panel, all the stuff that’s usually packaged into a checkup. Then for things that were off I started researching what was going on. I have a giant spreadsheet now with years of tests (I usually do them 3-4 times a year out of curiosity, with diet and other changes). Eventually found places that do vitamin and mineral tests, and other fascinating things like inflammation markers and more fringe bits.

It’s super interesting if you draw it out over a timeline. I know exactly now how sugar consumption affects my triglycerides (badly), how eating less protein makes my kidney function values much better, and how going vegan for a while improves my lipid profile. Basically not eating any Hungarian food … which is still the tastiest to me even after having eating just about everything else. Last trip was kind of thinking about moving there part time, but … the general vibe just wasn’t totally amazing for actually living there.

It’s a whole different animal, diet and living, when there’s hard data to quantify effects.


Well, sorry Jake, not sure if it’s me or it’s you here… But I really don’t have the faintest idea what “magasni” is supposed to mean :smiley:

I’ve never lived there, but I think I know waht you mean.

Yes, I bet it’s really interesting, and maybe shocking sometimes, to know how sugar/other stuff affects your bloodwork… I don’t like what you write about protein, but have heard it. Do you eat less protein in consequence?

I’ve tried LCHF (low carb high fat) for a month last year, out of curiosity. I made my first ever self-made cheeseburger and mayonnaise, which I still do occasionally, so it was worth it! :slight_smile:
I learned that I’m able to eat a whole lot of macadamia nuts as well as eat a lot of cream with strawberries :smiley:
Even though I did not gain weight, it’s so not good for me… :joy: gave me the worst cramps of my life, which could be reveresd by taurine.
Would be interesting to have test results - but just for fun, it’s too expensive.

I’m Hungarian and I also don’t have the faintest idea what Jake wanted to say :smiley:

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It’ll be Jakes secret, I think :slight_smile:

Is there anything like endmyopia in Hungarian yet?

There goes me not being any good at Hungarian spelling.

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That seems like a massive google translate error :smiley: Unfortunately google translate can be very bad translating to Hungarian (which is not a surprise given how far it is from the
Indo-European languages). For Hungarians it can be useful for translating other languages, because if you know the context, the translation can make sense (though because I understand English well I tend to just let it translate to English, it usually makes much-much more sense), but without context the translations many times are just plain wrong.

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