Hi, it's David here

Hi everyone,

I found endmyopia 2,5 years ago when I got new glasses and reached -4.0 dioptre with it. And I was not happy, it seemed a too big number. Also I reached it in ~25 and did not wanted to has -10 glasses at 50 years old. So I started to search how I could at least stop the worsening of my eyes. First (of course) I found the Bates method. But it seemed fishy from the start, so I searched more and found endmyopia. The whole blur challenge and using the differential for close-up really made sense. My prescribed glasses was about -4.25 left, -3.75 right with a bit of astigmatism (about 0,25 - 0,5, I don’t really remember). I started measuring my eyes and I realized that one of my eye is definitely overprescribed, and that my two eyes are much more equal than my prescription (interestingly my left eyes were better in the morning, but my right got better for the evening). So I ordered my first differential from Zenni (for about the fiftieth price of my new glasses… ).

Also Active focus was a familiar thing for me. I’m having glasses since 6, and read a lot of books during my childhood and realized pretty soon that if I read without glasses (started at -1,5, so it was easy to do) and slowly inches the books away from my eyes I can make the text clear again and again. I asked about how it could happen and the reaction was “well, they say you should not read without glasses”… since I was child I did that…
So I could easily achieve active focus for close-up (it was a bit harder for distance). And maybe that was the problem, because it was a familiar thing and there was no “honeymoon” period. So I fell off the wagon and while used the differential for close-up and normalized for distance I did not built the habit of active focusing and other good habits.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago: I saw in the fb group that there is now a forum available for non-backto20/20 members, so I registered and I thought I should give another try to endmyopia. The good news that even though I did not do anything actively in the last 2,5 years, using the differentials for close-up was enough for my eyes to not get worse (which they did constantly in the last 27 years). So I’m here again, armed with my differential and normalized and let’s hope this time I will last till 20/20 :slight_smile:

Edit @ 18.03.2021: I realized that in Hungary they always list right eye first, then left eye. So my original prescription was: -3.75 left eye, -4.25 right eye (without any astigmatism).


Welcome, Dávid.

I wish you luck and patience on your path back to 20/20.


Hey David, glad you moved your introduction. I hadn’t seen it before. Good to know I’m not the only one trying this for the second time.

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