Hi, my name is Troy

Hi fellow End Myopians, my name is Troy and I am glad to be part of this community. I am a 38 year old who works in IT so unfortunately I am stuck in front of a screen for many hours of the day.

I first got prescribed with glasses at the age of 9. I wasn’t a fan of wearing them so I tried to ditch them at every possible opportunity. My parents insisted that I always wear them when I was using the computer. Boy…if I knew now what I knew then! I went all through high school not needing to wear them permanently. I was only using them to read the blackboard at school but at the age of 16 I noticed that my night vision was deteriorating. I used to play cricket and there were times that I would lose the ball in mid flight and well, it would hit me rather painfully. When it came time to get my drivers license I realised that I could no longer read the chart and I had to get my license with my glasses on.

Fast forward to uni & I was now wearing contacts at uni & glasses at home and before I knew it I was permanently wearing them. I had no concept of prescription. I would just go in and they would give me a new pair. It wasn’t until I started my end myopia journey that I started taking notice of my prescription.

When I started work I wouldn’t be bothered with wearing the contacts daily anymore so I switched back to glasses. My motivation for wanting to improve my vision came by accident. I hd recently shaved my head & decided the glasses shaved head look didn’t suit me so I went back to contacts. The optometrist said that I had astigmatism and those contacts would be more expensive. She said I could get by with contacts without astigmatism but I would struggle using it for my computer work. I started using them and indeed using the computer was a little blurry to begin with but over the course of 2 weeks I could see perfectly fine with them. That was my initial lightbulb moment that maybe, just maybe my eyesight could get better.

I started googling around and as many have noted, tried the bates method and the eye exercises associated with it. While I was doing that I was still googling and came across End Myopia. I did the 7 day email course and my desire for learning increased 10 fold. The rest is history, I was the 600th member or thereabouts in the Facebook group & I have been working on my eyesight for 18 months. The following link is a spreadsheet to my prescription reductions. I won’t post it here because this post is already lengthy & I don’t want to make it any longer!

So the spreadsheet summarises that I started at 2016/09/24
left eye -4.5 with astigmatism
right eye -2.5 with astigmatism

Today (2018/07/19) I am using
left eye -2.25
right eye -1

When I finish my work for the day I stay away from screens as much as possible. I choose outdoor activities, spending time with my family, gym and other things that don’t rely on close up strain. My work commutes now consist of listening to podcasts instead of reading or playing games on my phone.

Happy to meet everyone!


Gad you made it, Troy! :slight_smile:

Awesome progress and also wow, I forget how recently we just started the whole Facebook group experiment.

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