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Hey guys! I just joined the forum and just completed the 7 day email guide. I didn’t know it was possible to improve your eye sight until a few weeks ago when I came accross a comment on YouTube that got me interested into looking into it. Even though I’m just getting started, I’m convinced that it IS possible based on all the testimonials that I have watched and read. I’ve never minded wearing glasses but when I found out that it was possible to keep my eyes from getting worse and even improving them, I had to learn more about it! :eyeglasses:

I measured my cm’s with the diopter calculator for the first time today. I was at 15cm in my Left and 17cm in my right. Then I noticed that 800 cm’s is 20/20 (0 diopters) on the diopter calculator. I have a long way to go. My dad has 20/20 and he starting seeing blur at 130cm so I’m kinda confused about why that is if he has 20/20 on the Snellan Chart. I’m gonna continue researching because a lot of this is so new to me but that is definitely confusing to me at the moment. :question:

I already started cutting out bad habits that were damaging my eyes. My biggest one was wearing my full diopter glasses when I was on my phone or reading. I had no idea how bad this was for my eyes but it makes sense to me now. Thanks for reading my intro and I look forward to learning more from everyone in the forums! :smile:


Welcome to the journey. Just remember the time in glasses is forever and the time to reduce is subjective. The lower your dioptors the more in life you will enjoy. Simple things you do everyday will become exciting. Like waking up to see the alarm clock or finally seeing numbers in green. You will understand all of these things as your journey continues.


The EndMyopia diopter calculator website is accurate (±0.12) only from -4 to -1. The more or less, the possible deviation rises to ±1.00 or more.

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The calculator you used rounds to the nearest 0.25. Having 0 diopters of myopia (emmetropia) should theoretically mean you can see to infinity (but of course in reality it’s not nearly that perfect).

20/20 is not actually a representation of the best possible distance vision, it’s only meant to describe ‘normal’ vision, which has a lot of leeway. For that reason, even if your dad has what appears to be 0.75 diopters of myopia, he can still make out what the text on the 20/20 line says. An emmetropic individual should be able to read all the lines on the chart (e.g: 20/15 or 20/10 or however low your snellen chart goes), with the only limiting factor being the size of the text, instead of from blur.

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That puts him at about -0.75 of myopia. I have that in my right eye, and I can read 20/20 on the Snellen - but being able to read a line does not mean one can see it perfectly clearly. If you are able to see the 20/20 line perfectly clearly (all edges of the letters sharp and clear), on a 6m Snellen chart (600cm, not 800cm), you have 20/20 vision.

Welcome to the forum, and good luck on this journey.

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Diopter scaling in glasses and contact lenses is by 0.25D. I’m not sure if it is simply rounded to the nearest though. Maybe it is by optometrists.

But the EM calculator is surely a +/- around it.
-2.00D = 47 to 53cm
-1.75D = 53 to 61.5cm
-1.50 = 61.5 to 72.8cm
-1.25D = 72.8 to 88.9cm
-1.00D = 89 to 113.9cm
-0.75D = 114 to 159cm
-0.50D = 160 to 266cm
-0.25D = 267 to 800cm
-0.00D = 800cm and above
Plus EM recommends using 0.25D lower as your normalised instead of full effortless prescription correction, so would recommend using your uncorrected eyes as normalised from 267cm as you will be able to clear the slight blur most of the time.

10pt or 12pt on screen and book’s standard font sizes are too small to look at from a bigger distance than about 120cm (+/- 20cm). It is unrealistic to expect an emmetrope to read someone’s book or smart phone screen on the public transport from 8m distance. That would cause serious privacy issues, too :rofl:
So low diopter is better measured on Snellen, where 20/20 is about 5mm tall if a 3m chart.
(if interested in the maths behind what font size at what distance, I recommend checking @ljm2020’s post explaining it)