High Astigmatism and low myopia only in one eye

I came to know about EM recently and since then I have done a lot of reading and have seen many interested cases.

I am still unclear about some things, I couldn’t find much to read about it though!
My current prescription from optometrist
RE Sph -3.5, cyl -.5, axis 15
LE Sph -2.5, cyl -1.5 axis 180.
I have moderate myopia and low astigmatism in Right eye and while ordering my first differentials, I am following the drop of astigmatism (since below 1D) and taking a -2.0 in Sph…
But the left eye is the one causing me confusion. If I keep the drop of left eye - right eye equal for differentials, I would have to go for sph -1.0, cyl -1.0 (1.5D sph drop and 0.5D cyl drop in both eyes). But I read at many places that if I have more than 1D cyl, I should leave it as it is initially but then it would make my drop on both eyes unequal.
I would like to connect with others who have seen something similar before.

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I have more astigmatism than you, so take this with a grain of salt, but if it were me, I would leave CYL alone for my first set of differentials. Since you have enough astigmatism to warrant dedicated CYL drops in the future, you may as well avoid changing too many things at once.


Cyl is a tough problem that, unfortunately, you are going to have to play with.

You may find – as I did – that a high cyl/sph ratio creates unacceptable distortions. You may also find – as I did – that you can live comfortably without any cyl correction at all (and mine was much worse than yours).

But you may also find that you are very sensitive to even minor reductions in cyl.

If you have a test lens kit you can try to engineer a solution that works best for you. Absent that it will be trial and error.

Whatever you do don’t be afraid to experiment, you can’t do any harm to your eyes by using reduced lenses.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks @francois , that’s what I did ! got my first diff pairs… no change in CYL. only SPH reduction !
So excited to start the journey !

Thanks @Astigmatism_Assasin for the encouraging words ! I have decided not monkey with my CYL corrections for now ! so got my first diff with only sph reductions ! its been 1 week since I got them ! Will wait for another month, before going with my first norm ! till then, only learning AF !!

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