High astigmatism can i fix it?

Hey, I just find out i have high astigmatism

A year ago I started to see double vision/ghost image
so I went to an ophthalmologist and he tells me I have high astigmatism so I did a Corneal topography.
and the result is :
OD 3.68
OS 3.91
In the Video “Is My Astigmatism Genetic?”
Jake Steiner said that if you start With more than 3 diopter astigmatism at the first time it may be genetic.
But this is not the first time I had a vision test
Years ago i had a vision test and
been told I’m not seeing well,but unfortunately they didn’t tell me it was astigmatism or any numbers at all.
At that time I thought it was low myopia and probably nothing
so I ignore it
I didn’t have any real problem seeing
and didn’t have any double vision either At that time
I’m guessing it wasn’t very high back then
so I should be able to go back to not seeing double vision ?
I think the astigmatism got worse do to my very bad habits.
I have not bought glasses yet.
Thank you for reading