High myopia measurements + questions about my journey early on

My fellow EM members with high myopia. I wanted to know how to measure your myopia as the cm measurements are pretty small and it is harder to measure. Thanks!

Also side question : I have the following prescription :
-7 and -0.25 astigmatism

I bought contacts and use them as normalized, was wearing -6.5 contacts, been wearing -6.00 for a few weeks (4-5) and I struggle to find things to active focus on, and even when I do its minimal I often find myself far away (40 feet+) and its not even blurry, simply too small. Im thinking about reducing to -5.75. Also I can easily drive at night and can see every sign from far away. Also I found that with the -6.00 my visual acuity seems to be superior compared to my non myopic friends.
I know I should reduce only every 3-4 months.

Finally, is it okay to wear my differentials all day long when inside at home and if I do reduce to -5.75 for my contacts is it okay to not reduce my differentials and only reduce every 0.5 of reduction on my normalized?


Hello, I suspect that you might be overcorrected

  1. Start with your own snellen measurements for normalized
  2. You didn’t mention what you chose for your differentials
  3. You could do cm measurements with your diffs and add diffs’ diopters to that
  4. Actually you don’t need to change your normalized first month, you should start with your diffs and after first month you should make your own measurements and decide what to choose for normalized, because by that time you probably will reduce some spasm and will understand your eyes better which will allow you to make a decision for your normalized

Have had differentials for close to 7 weeks now, introduced normalized 3 weeks in.

Is it simply additionable like : my differentials are -5.5 and I get a measurement which is the equivalent of say 1 diopter can I simply do -5.5 + -1 = -6.5 ?

Use differentials to measure.

Yes, but if you get such a measurement, unless you work near 100 cm, you should reduce your differentials.