Higher reductions

Hello everyone! I started at about L-9.5, R-8.5 back in February 2019 and am now in the -6.5 range in both eyes. Depending on the time of day, I can be -6.0 in the daytime. I usually wear contacts and the brand I use only goes down in half diopters until -6, after which you can reduce in quarter diopters. Is it okay to reduce a half diopter from -6.5 down to -6.0? Or is that too much? Does my brand only do half diopter increments above -6.0 because at high myopia, the changes are more apparent in half steps?

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First of all congrats!!

Was the starting position of -9.5 / -8.5 in contacts, too? i.e. around -10 if converted to glasses?
Or was that with glasses? so the current contacts around -6 correspond to glasses around 7?
Either way it is a nice gain.

I’d say that you’ll surely have to change to quarter drops and most probably your brand’s manufacturer knows where the sweet spot is to not notice or start noticing the difference between quarter and half.
But most probably it is more challenging when reversing. When increasing it is easier to say that correction to 20/20 would be another 0.25D but let’s go for some overcorrection and add 0.5D and 20/13.
So you can try dropping half but you may want to get to a very good clarity level at -6.5 before doing that so you do not end up with totally unmanageable blur after the half diopter drop.

Thanks BiancaK for your response! Yes my starting point in contacts was -9.5/-8.5, and an old pair of glasses I used to wear were in the -10 range. Since the spring I’ve been wearing -6.0 contacts but i think I was too much blur adapted all that time and probably should have worn the -6.5 contacts instead! I think Jake’s constant reminders of not to overcorrect (and that it will happen to everyone!) holds true! I will stick to -6.5 for now and wait until that gets comfortably clear until my next reduction to -6.0, and then drop it by quarter diopters thereafter. I’m using Biofinity contacts and they don’t do quarter steps at anything stronger than -6.0. I tried another brand that does do higher quarter steps (-6.25 in Air Optix Day and Night aqua) but something about that brand doesn’t agree with my eyes.

If you found a pair of contacts that are comfortable - by the sound of it you did - I’d agree with your decision. Staying on the stronger one is not wasted time but working in advance for the -6D later. After that you can start dropping by 0.25D, especially because the distances to the blur will move to a higher scale soon.

I have the same experience: Biofinity is OK, but Air Optix doesn’t agree with my eyes. I wore contacts every day for 20+ years and tested about 6 to 8 brands. Only 2 were perfect matches for the curve and the diameter for me. Tiny tiny differences and a whole different comfort level.

Keep up the good spirit with the journey!