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Hello everyone!

I’ve had glasses since I was a kid, probably initially induced by a lot of close-up study time. My “prescription” seems to have more of less stabilized in the past few years (around -4.25 sph -1.25 cyl).

I found EM a couple of weeks ago listening to when Jake went on a podcast as a guest. I’ve been following Ivor Cummins on the bug that was going around during the spring of 2020, and decided to browse his older episodes. There was one on myopia and that led me to this site. I’d seen people recommending eye exercises and whatnot but not ever something quite like this.

I’ve managed to avoid the smartphone addiction of modern times to a large extent. I haven’t been on Facebook since around 2009 so maybe that played a role. I still use a monitor for daily computer use though, sometimes perhaps too much.

Though somewhat skeptical I picked up a pair of differentials (-3) as it seemed to make sense to not use full distance correction for extended screen use. Tried using my optometrist-prescribed glasses just at the end of one evening of using the diffs and they hurt! I’ve been wearing the diffs around the house without too much hindrance, and have reserved the opto-glasses for when I actually need them. I don’t think I’ve cracked AF yet but hopefully it’ll come with time. Will pick up a pair of normalized after I’ve got the hang of it, and done away with the ciliairy spasm.

Quick shoutout to Gemily and Nottnott, their videos are also super interesting/motivational!


Say hi to Curiosity for me!


Welcome, H! :yum:



The Ivor/Jake podcast is a good one.

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Welcome to the forum! And give our thanks to Curiosity. :laughing:


Thanks all! I’ll send the greetings to curiosity.

So I’ve been doing measurements the past week or so, and my “true” stating point seems to be -3.7R and -3.9L. The cylinder I’m measuring at -0.3 in both eyes, unless I’m doing it all wrong. It fits my experience though since I just dropped the cyl for the diffs and only notice a tiny amount of directional blur if I’m really looking for it. I’ve had cylinder correction prescribed to me ranging between -2 and -1 for as long as I can remember which seems to be completely unnecessary :face_with_monocle:

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