Hired Podcast Company

Still without laptop here. Fascinating to experience how very bad extended phone use really is. I’d not have put myself through this voluntarily but having this experience makes me very much double down on recommending fixed screens. My eyes are terrible after 6 days!

Still managed to finally complete the initial process of getting a professional podcast PR company hired. They’re supposed to find us quality podcasts to appear as guests on, and keep me from slacking off on this front forever. They go to podcast conventions and keep lists and contacts and are supposed to be the magic juice of casting the (right) pods.

Will keep you posted on progress on that front!


Very cool Jake :hugs:… Dr Kondrot is a homeopathic ophthalmologist in the US who does a weekly radio show Healthy Vision, sometimes interviewing guests, if this is the type of podcast you have in mind.



Wonder if he could handle the depth of our rabbit hole. :smiley:

Yes, that kind of podcast probably. The podcast company has been hounding me, while I keep changing time zones and trying to make the schedule work. It’s totally going to happen, sooner or later!


Endmyopia on the Joe Rogan Experience would be amazing!

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@Fotis152 I’ve got a definitive feeling that one’s going to happen. Not seeking it out yet though, that’s still a bit too much sudden attention for where things are at here, right now.