Holy Eyesight Batman!

Today I was playing around with my eye charts and a test lens kit. I’m going to get some new glasses this week so I was taking the suggestions I was given this past week. I realized that at 20 feet from the Snellen that I wasn’t able to really see it with the glasses I’m wearing now. Not to say I couldn’t read to about 20/40 which seems great but just not seeing it as clearly as I thought I would. I checked it in a few different places and with the smaller chart at ten feet. Which I could see a bit better. Then I realized the problem. Not enough light. With more light on the subject I could see so much more. I need more light near me and also more light on the chart. It really cleared it up so well. So instead I went outside on the porch ( I live in the south of the US so I have a big porch and today alot of sunshine). Well that was exactly what I needed. It seems to be why it’s so important to get outside to see more clearly. Literally shined a light on what I can see. Wow!


Light makes a huge difference in what you can see. Summer time is a prime opportunity to maximize gains by going outside to the beach, the park, etc.