House rules - Read me first

Welcome to the community forum of Endmyopia - Le Meow :cat: . It’s a pleasure to have you with us. Before you get started there are some things we’d like you to know and take into account.

Diopter questions
We don’t give diopter specific advice in here. The reasons why we don’t do that are as follows:

A) Only you know your eyes: You should understand enough about your eyesight to make a well-versed decision that suits your specific needs and case. We can’t feel what you feel, we don’t see what you see, so please read up (it’s all in the blog, videos, and in this forum to be found) and come up with a plan and correction that works for you.

B) Responsibility: If we tell you what you ought to be wearing we become responsible. We told you something which is then followed by a correction. But what if that advice doesn’t work out properly? Then you’d blame the ones that handed the advice. This is something we want to avoid at all costs. Your eyes, your journey back to good eyesight, and your responsibility.

C) DIY: This is a Do It Yourself community forum, not a free version of the Backto2020 program. If we start behaving like teachers we are undermining Endmyopia’s great Backto2020 program and voiding it of its reason to exist in the first place. If you want real guidance and to learn everything from Jake himself, accepting the invitation for the Backto2020 program is the only way. Once that invitation expires you can send Jake a private message in here kindly asking for an invitation. If one is available you may be able to enter the program after all. No promises or guarantees, but you may acquire an invitation this way.

Please read this for a more detailed explanation:

And watch Jake’s video on the matter:

Profile and Intro
Fill out your profile and pick a profile picture: BEFORE POSTING: Please Add A Profile Picture :nerd_face:. Are you all set? Please let us know who you are by writing an introduction: New Here? Introduce Yourself!

Mutual respect
Be kind and respectful to others. If someone helped you out or wrote something you appreciated, hit the Like button (:heart:) below the post to show your appreciation and/or say thank you.

Basic Prerequisites
Did you just learn about reversing myopia and did you already make it to this forum? Please read the following post carefully to make sure that all the basics are known to you and you won’t have to ask questions that are considered basic prerequisite knowledge: Start your improvement here.

Search Topics
Use the search option on this forum. Many topics have already been covered here and could provide you with the information you need on a specific question. Search the blog (:mag: in the upper right corner) and watch the relevant videos on YouTube by Jake. Do have a look at the FAQ, a great number of common questions are answered there. This all will give you a flying start to regain your eyesight.

Please take the rules outlined above into account and help others with their questions and struggles. This is a community effort so everybody should pitch in at some point to help one another get back to normal eyesight. Our friendly staff will monitor everything and intervene if and when necessary.


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