How about paving the road to the destination once for all:)

ah what do you use? Taobao?

i used Shopee here. i did not expect anyone selling prescription glasses, but turns out there were like 3 sellers, all from from China. I currently bought 1 frame with the same negative lens on 2 sellers each to see if the lense can be replaced by a screw. It will come on the second week of December. Once one of them meets my requirements, i’ll buy all necessary lenses till 20/20. The lens costs around 3USD, while the frame costs 5USD.

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I picked a frame without any screws, you can just push the lenses out and put in new ones, very convenient and super light as well.

Isn’t putting a lens harder without the screw feature? I’ve read some posts on shaving the perimeters of the lens to easily attach it to the frame and I am not gentle at all. If current order does not meet my requirements, i’ll do what you advised.

I think that depends on the material of the frame, if it’s metal, it will be hard and often with screws. MIne is made of plastic steel and it’s very easy to remove/install lenses.

I’ve ordered the thin metal frame with screws to minimize the removal of my peripheral vision. The lens is larger than my current one so that’s good as well.

Similar to this one.

not bad :+1:

There are around 5 color varieties, so at least I get to have fun switching styles when I want to :laughing:

haha, i also got 3 different colors for a same model for different purpose, so i can switch lenses between them and without mix them up:)

my first differentials are now my normalized glasses:)

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that’s great news to hear! I should also be careful with labeling the lenses like what you have done. I’m far from making my differentials as my normalize, but I’ll get there! :muscle:

How about paving the road…

With the help of Jimmy and Salt. I just bulk bought all my lenses at 0.25 diopter increments from -8.0 to -0.25.

Bought online wholesale during taobao’s 11/11 sale.
Each lense cost me roughly 20RMB. Equivalent to about $3 USD each.
Total cost about $200 usd.
Fuck retail optometry.

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wonderfull:) BTW: is that a baby seat in the 2nd picture? :grinning:

yes, it is! @ljm2020

You made it yourself?

no. ikea. hahah

My pebbles with contacts :smiley:


Love this.

Isn’t the whole thing just such a f*cking racket?! From the “prescription” and “patient” tall tales on, to “genetic condition” and then $200 for lenses that they literally pay these $2-$5 wholesale prices for.

Also Alex, you’re not near Shenzhen are you?

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I’m in Shanghai.
Are those Clouclip people in SZ?

No but that’s where I sneak off to for the occasional reverse engineering help. :laughing: