How could no-glasses-time benefit my son?

Dear fellow users,

As some of u probably know, im trying to improve my son’s myopia. He is 6 years old and has glasses where both eyes have -1D sphere and -1D cylinder.

He must be overprescribed quite a fair bit as his visual acuity for distance is great even without glasses.

He has no correction for his (limited!!!) Close-up.

But i wanted to know a physical/anatomocal explanation as to how does him glasses-free-time benefit for distant vision?

I do have a gut feeling it is ok to do it with him as he really has low myopia and yesterday he even had 20/25 in a very good light.

But what is the anatomical explanation of the benefit of glass-free-time for low myopes? Does it have anything to do with a stimulation?


Hey, no glasses time with distance vision, I guess, would only benefit insofar as he is doing active focus - but in this case I just mean actively looking around at things in the distance and not staring at the ground - no complex active focussing exercises are meant, just normal active use of his vision for various activities. But only if his vision is good enough to not get blur adapted.

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I’ve seen mainstream ophthalmology texts that suggest that happy people with low myopia (or current prescriptions that are within 0.5 D) shouldn’t be given new prescriptions. If their eyes are working for them and they’re not experiencing problems it’s hard for anyone to “fix” that situation by introducing changes.

source: Practical Ophthalmology: A Manual for Beginning Residents by Bloomquist

If he can see 20/25 without glasses he doesn’t really need glasses. That’s perfectly good vision for daily activities. Anatomically speaking there’s some kind of emmetropization system that maintains eye health within normal range for emmetropes. One of the ideas behind the EM method is use the lowest prescription for minus lenses that allows for clear vision most of the time to get within the zone where the inborn emmetropization system could work.

If someone has 6 D of myopia it’s not practical for them to go without correction because they can’t see anything, but giving them -5.5 D or -5.75 D of correction gets them to where they need to be.

If your son can see 20/25 he’s probably within that zone where the emmetropization system can work. I’d use minimal correction only for situations where he needs it (to see something he needs to see that he can’t see without glasses.)

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Exactly. Especially if there are no developmental or medical or otherwise issues identified by a qualified ophthalmologist, IMHO.

If it’s just simple myopia, and just something ‘diagnosed’ by a regular lens shop optometrist, in that one diopter range, I’d be more than a bit uninclined to put that on my child.

Seems we maybe need some way to focus more on parents and kids. Redirecting...


Thanks so much for your thoughts. Actually im not sure if my son might be in emmetropization zone just yet. I changed his Snellen and he was even 20/40 on the new Snellen measured at the same time as the day before when he had 20/25 on the previous Snellen.

The new Snellen my husband created does not have such thick letters as the previous Snellen. My husband said he pressed "bold’ as he started creating the new Snellen but i think it is more a question of a font.

Does someone know what is the name of that thick font?

Im attaching a photo of my Snellens so that u get an idea what i mean by rather thin letters.

you cannot just print with random-sized margins as it makes the font not standard sized for a given viewing distance. Make sure you print “actual size” without any zoom or extra-large margins.

My husband created that snellen in photoshop so had had to play with it and move the letters quite a lot.

Can someone send me a template where i can change the Snellen either in Word on a PC or in Pages on a MAC?

Changing pdf doesnt seem to work. Or it does but in photoshop where it has to be played with and thus it creates the margins between letters.

not a good idea. you don’t get a standard size (probably) creating it yourself. If you want to be sure order a professional one online or print an official one at original size

Ok i will order one online. Do u have a link to some website where i can order official, real eye charts from??

I found some on Amazon but i dont know if they are good enough?