How do you rest eyes at night time?

I always stay up late until midnight so I find it hard to relax my eyes. It’s pitch black outside and I have nothing to do at home other than watch screens or read a book. What should I do?

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If you have high or medium power in eye then just take off your glasses or contacts

Don’t stay up until midnight :man_shrugging:


Lol. Same as @halmadavid . Just go to bed.

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If your only choices are watching screens or reading books:

  • if you choose the screen, make sure it is not a smart phone or a tablet screen. Those will totally offset any gains you might have made during the day. They can even add to your myopia regardless of your other attempts for improving it. If it has to be a screen, choose the TV screen 3 or more meters away.
  • if you choose the book, make sure you are holding it at a good distance from your face and you have good lights for reading.

In both cases, make sure you are moving your eyes - looking away regularly - and that you are not looking at the screen or the book sideways, e.g. lying on your side, resting your head sideways on a pillow. These can easily cause astigmatism.

However, it is recommended not to watch screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Not just for your eyes but also for your sleep quality. This time can include brushing teeth etc, preparing your clothes and stuff for the next morning, putting together an overnight oat for breakfast the next day, doing some stretching exercises or breathwork, winding down with some music, watering the plants, folding away clothes or putting away plates and cutlery, wiping down the kitchen counter or taps, putting things back to their places that were left around during the day, etc. Any mindless autopilot type activities can do.
Journaling of the past day (or just downloading all your “oh and I mustn’t forget this and that” thoughts from your head to a paper before sleeping) can also be an option since you have to think and reflect while writing which means the thinking will make your eyes relax and move.
If your family or neighbours don’t mind you can noodle around on a string instrument (there are more and more versions for “silent” mode) - can be very meditative.

Just a couple of ideas - take them or leave them…


I found out a mask for my eyes helps me relax all the muscles around my eyes at night. :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:

when I read the title I was like “uhh…sleep?” :smiley:


I’m actually trying an experiment related to just before sleep. On the theory that eye calibration is the eye replenishing things like collagen (which forms the structure of the cornea for example) while you sleep, you want those parts to be shaped closer to desired (e.g. adjusted slightly farsighted from your normal rest calibration). That way the new proteins are in the newer more desired shape, not the older more myopic shape

So to that end, I’m engaging hard AF for a bit just before sleep. I’ll let you know in a few months if my theory is right and if it improves progression rate :slight_smile: