How do you tell an optomologist that you want lower prescription contacts?

I went. to the eye doctor today to get approved for lower prescription contacts and the eye doctors were not even playing with the idea that your eyes might be able to heal.

I’ve been telling them. I’d like a lower prescription because higher prescriptions give me a headache with close up work. But they say that’s because they’re too low.

Not sure how to approach this and tell them I’m trying to improve my eyes. As I told them and right away they were totally against it. (I live in Tokyo & the Japanese culture is not one that typically challenges or asks questions to authority so I think they could have amplified it)

It’s not common to be able to find a supporting opto. For most of us it is impossible.
The alternative is to get a measurement from the opto - in the old pre-EM style - and use that overprescription as a reference for online orders, i.e. keep axis ‘as is’ and the proportions more or less, but deduct from strength when ordering contacts and glasses online from companies who ship them to you without checking your prescription.
For glasses most people use Zenni in the US. When they ask for prescription it means selecting SPH, CYL, axis and PD from a drop down menu and they ask you to tick the box that your selection matches your prescription. For contacts, I think UK is the best choice and most companies ship worldwide.


That’s such a good idea. I never knew about the UK & the contacts thing. I just placed an order