How far away can you read 1.1mm standard text on your phone?

Lowercase standard font on a smartphone can be as small as 1.1mm for the height of the letter “a” on something like an iPhone 6, or even smaller on a smaller phone.

With your phone brightness set to the lowest level, how far away (from your eye, not glasses) can you comfortably read that size text on your phone in low ambient lighting?

And is this with glasses or no glasses?

I often read about people being able to read it from arm’s length on here. That is like 60cm.

I’ve never been able to read well on a phone, and have to hold it very close, like 25-27cm (without glasses). Glasses don’t really help me extend that distance at all when it comes to the phone screen.

I use a lot of font enlargement features to be able to hold the phone at some distance.

with my normalised glasses I can still read it at arm’s length fully stretched, haven’t tried further away,
without glasses, around 16cm which is what I’d expect based on my prescription

then again, optos have always said that my CORRECTED vision is very good

although come to think of it, I’m not sure I agree with this statement completely, since I noticed people on here talking about being overcorrected and reading the 20/10 or 20/13 line on the snellen - I’ve never been able to read lower than 20/15 no matter the lens, … I always thought it was to do with my eye being limited in resolution somehow compared to others, but now I’m thinking maybe it’s just the -6 lens’ shrinking of the image…

Resolution, lenses, etc. is a weird thing. I kind of sort of vaguely made out a bit of 20/10 with no glasses but with pinhole lenses once, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen better than 20/15 with lenses. Normally more like 20/20 to 20/25.

Just to clarify I meant I’ve never been able to read lower than 20/15 at 3m or 6m (the normal snellen distance). of course my close up vision is fine and I can read it :wink:

Only use my phone without glasses these days, and I can read at the same edge of blur on my phone if not a bit further than on regular paper. I wasn’t sure since I always measure on paper so that the back lighting doesn’t corrupt my measurements. I just checked it though and it’s the same (so better really because it is smaller than the 12pt font I use normally). All fairness it might be better but I keep the bright on my phone down, habit of many years before EM to reduce headaches that I have yet to be inclined to change.