How far away can you see with your differentials?

How far away can everyone here read average sized print indoors and see it with fairly defined vision through their differential correction?


About 1m away for me, depending on the lighting, how well rested I am etc. and the amount of time I take to get it to clear up. There’s a great variance in what this distance is, could be 2m on some days or just 75cm’s on bad ones.

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About 1m for me.

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@Laurens, is this back in the past? You no longer need differentials, right?

Correct, my differentials being my own eyes nowadays.


Sometimes on a sunny day I would accidentally wear my differentials outside and I’m always surprised at how clear everything is. It’s still blurry, but there is a huge difference between me seeing something indoors and outdoors when wearing differentials.

I make mine so that they give me a minor challenge when reading a book or cell phone, so like 12 to 18 inches. But then again I’m using circleperson round frame differentials that i can swap test lenses in and out at will. So it might not be feasible for most people to dial it in so tight with standard frames.

I cannot read much further past the computer with my differentials, which currently let me read between 65-75cm.

One interesting thing, though, is that as I am heading into low myopia territory (currently on -2.5; optometrist would likely prescribe -3.0; differentials at -1.00), the differentials don’t actually make that much of a difference. Most text that I can see with my differentials, I can also see with my naked eye, but the text will be very blurry.

Case in point: with my naked eye, I can read up to 50cm under certain conditions, and inconsistently. Putting on the differential eliminates the variability and makes the close-up blur horizon more consistent.

Case in point 2: I can use my computer without glasses, but I’ll strain within 30 minutes, and most black letters on the screen look like they are sitting in a pool of grey.

Both the previous cases were not possible when I was on -3.00 and above, and having genuinely useful clarity with my naked eye only started below this threshold.