How I practice Active Focus

Hello fellow EMers my name is Eric and I am in to 20/20 adult program and I am about half way through and I am really enjoying the journey.

I found a kind of fun way for me at least to practice Active Focus. I have one of those eye chart apps for my iPad that you can remotely control with your phone. When I watch tv I will lean my iPad up against the screen, usually in the corner, then just measure the appropriate distance usually 8 foot setting, but you can do 20 feet as well if you have a room big enough. Then while watching tv during the commercials I can practice Active Focus by looking at the iPad, with your phone you can change up the letters and also line isolate as well.

I know it is kind of eye exercisey but it really is kind of fun to do. I have been doing a lot of this, I use a timer and usually do 2 minutes per rep and generally shoot for about 40 minutes.

The great thing with all this practice is I can really see how the Active Focus process changes with light, fatigue, and other factors. I have also noticed that sometimes when I am really struggling to clear up the print, just looking down to stop my 2 minute stopwatch and looking back it will just clear up effortlessly. I remember someone posted a tip like that in the Active Focus tips guide, you EMers really have some great tips for Active Focus. It’s also really cool to see the miss aligned images, just like Jake said would happen. Very exciting to see all this come together. Best of luck to all my fellow EMers.



For TV also, subtitles are great for active focus. Especially with foreign language films. :slight_smile:

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