How long do you use your screen a day?

Including the title I would also like to know how much outdoor time you have a day. Plus how long do you look at screens in one sitting.

During the workweek, 8 hours or more screen time, in hour or longer segments. Outdoor time mostly limited to dog nature calls, though I do usually
drive once a day or so.

I like screens because it’s easy (with the right prescriptions) to maintain edge of blur at screen distance, yielding good active focus. Even phone time is good active focus time for me since I’m still myopic enough to comfortably hold my phone at the edge of blur naked eye.

The key is, as always, having whatever you are looking at be the edge of blur (via glasses or distance, etc) and clearing the view with active focus. The physical distance is largely unimportant (as long as it isn’t so close you go cross-eyed! :slight_smile: ). I have dropped about 1.5 diopters in two years (actual baseline drop, my “norms” are closer to 2.25D drop with active focus). That has largely been on the back of massive screen time :slight_smile:


How do you improve then!?


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Sceen: 8-10 hours of screens that are good quality and big enough to be looked at at 60+ cms (so minimal phone or tablet screen time). Always kept at the inside edge of clarity. I.e. the very last point where I don’t have to do anything to see clearly - but never closer or further away.
Breaks: I tend to forget them, so I can go on for hours without intentionally looking away or getting up from the desk. But unintentionally, when I think (recall things, combine things, etc) - which I have to do a lot during work - I do go into “daydreaming” like periods and soften my eyes automatically. This is not something I do, but something that naturally happens.
Outdoor time: aiming for at least 1 hour per day (which may be walking as part of the commute, or walking to the shops instead of taking the car, etc), but it is more constant on a weekly level that is at least 12 hours a week outdoors (may be 4x 1 hour during the week and 2x 4 hours during the weekend). But usually it is more.

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Basically, all day long, with differentials.
In my case, I can’t seem to be able to clear up a pair to 100%, because once I can see ~65cm always sharp and AF up to 1m, then progress stagnates unless I reduce.

I tried again recently when I was switching from naked eye to -0.75D, and the -0.75 glasses appeared to only degrade my vision the longer I kept them on.
Now I’m using -0.5D since I received the missing pairs of glasses I needed to fill the gaps, which are helping me to clear that pesky DV.

I was getting some results without the glasses too, but that meant devoting all day to AF and adjusting the distance constantly. I can’t do that when I have work to do.

With glasses I feel a bigger margin of “good blur”, where AF works without too much micromanagement.

Of course, if could I would rather clear a pair fully, it’s just that by spending all day in front on a screen doesn’t seem to make it possible for me.

Yes, I should get out more.

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How long do you stay outside, and if there is bad weather will you still go?

Not sure whom you are asking (sometimes the thread doesn’t show in the top right corner)

I mentioned the outdoor hours and their distribution in my previous reply. And yes, as I usually combine the walk with an activity, I usually go whatever the weather. And in winter time I also walk even if it is dark (I may take -0.25D or -0.5D stronger corrections for that to give me manageable blur instead of full blur).
To be honest, It’s more to get fresh air and clear my head than for EM. I had this habit before EM, too.