How much CYL correction for real astigmatism we need?

  • As autorefractor and cm measurement shown, confirmed by test lens kit
  • Only allows to see 20/20, no matter what autorefractor and cm measurements shown (even 20/20 with double vision)
  • Other, please describe

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What do you mean by “real” astigmatism? Do you mean the astigmatism that is compensated for by cylinders? I think other astigmatisms are no less real.

I’m not sure how the first and the second options can be mutually exclusive. How can what allows you to see 20/20 be different from the cm measurements?

Also a good reference:

Cm measurements and autorefractor: -9 cyl -3.5
Test lens kit: slight double vision 20/20 -9 cyl -1.5

You probably made a mistake in measuring the cms then.

No. Autorefractor shows the same.

As well, sharp 20/20 with that correction on test lens kit.

Maybe eye chart in ophthalmologist was 5 m for 4 m or so.

If I understand properly, -3.5 cyl is your full correction, and with -1.5 you get double vision but the 20/20 line is legible, is that right?
As long as you get double vision, it means your astigmatism is not fully corrected for (I mean, that’s literally what Jake’s video says).

This seems dangerously close to diopter-specific advice, and that’s not my intention, but for your high myopia, I don’t think reducing the cylinder too much upfront is going to be beneficial for you. I’d probably go with option 1, leave the cylinder alone until I have things figured out. You’ll have plenty of time to reduce it once you have dealt with the high sphere. I think getting active focus and plenty of good stimulus should be the priority for you, especially if your eyes haven’t stopped deteriorating yet.

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Yes. But don’t forget it’s real -2.75 and -1.25 cylinder.

What do you mean about?

I mean that you are just starting and will need do reduce the sphere before the cylinder anyway.

What does this even mean? I’m afraid this is beyond my knowledge or experience. It’d probably be best to ignore what I said in earlier posts. You might want to read more on the blog and watch more videos to come up with a personalised plan, if your case is too special.

No. All is good. I meant don’t be afraid of that as my contact lenses prescription is:
Right -8 cyl -2.75
Left -8.5 cyl -1.75

That translates to glasses rx:
R -9 cyl -3.5
L -9.5 cyl -2.25

Your advice seem to be right. Because my spherical progress was the most when I wore full cylinder.

But, there is one thing I need to ensure: right -3.5 (-2.75) or -3 (-2.25) and left -2.25 (-1.75 contacts) or -1.5 (-1.25 contacts).

Probably there’s a need to do keratometry, that will show followed by test lens kit verification.

That -1.5 cyl is reduction of 1.5 cyl, not 2 as it could seem.
It’s vertex distance because that’s glasses.