How much do you live in blur?

Do you prefer wearing less correction constantly through the day (take off glasses/contacts for distances you see clear enough), or you rather sometimes use full correction or do things at distance of clear vision?

I now decided to be (and almost have been for a significant time of my entire life) in constant myopic defocus. Yes, it’s good to have also a full correction if needed, but it should be used only for a clear need (to remind how world should look like or even I want to see something clearly is a clear enough need, but don’t abuse that)

If I need to look at distance of 50 cm or closer for a short time, I’d better take off any correction.

Differentials only for distances > (= rule is similar to full correction rule) 50 cm.

Normalized only for distance of blur, and for clear vision it is the same as with full correction.

Accommodated vision should be mostly avoided (especially frequent and/or long), but in most improvement scenarios, not to be avoided fully.

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I do that too. I dont like full prescription and never use them unless the case is that I had just got them from the optometrist and they would be full or over corrected until my pair become weaker and become my undercorrected glasses. I’d stick with it for a couple of year or until I break them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: which I tend to have a habit of doing.
Though the problem with this, is that I become blur adapted.

No correction at all? how are you doing this with your myopia of -9?? you wouldnt be able to see 20 cm, barely even 10.

I eat, cook, and do similar tasks without correction: there is no need to see clearly, and if there is, I draw closer as much as needed to.

About edge of blur, it is 12.5 cm -8 right and 11.8 -8.5 left. Glasses are -9 because there is a distance to eyes 14 mm (vertex distance).

Look: -8 and -2.75 cyl is 12.5 and 9.3 cm edge of blur
Then, we subtract vertex distance, it’s 14 mm = 1,4 cm
We get: 12.5-1.4=11.1 and 9.3-1.4=7.9 cm, that translates to -9 and -12.5 diopters.
Then, 9-12.5=-3.5. Vertex distance makes a huge change with correction: -8/-2.75 -> -9/-3.5

Btw, 2 years ago I had full correction about R -7.5 cyl -1.5 L -8 cyl -1, or in contact lenses it is R -7 cyl -1.25 L -7.5 cyl -0.75. I’ve chosen sph -5 glasses though which allowed to see only 20/70 or 20/100, as my family believed firmly that more minus power, the more even faster myopia progression.

About maximum legible distance, it can expand up to 16-20 cm in some very good lighting cases.

Jake warned of the danger of constant blur adaptation. My daughter and I are very adapted to blur. And that could be bad, because we are not motivated to make it clear.

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