How often do you wear your -1.00s?

Hi, I kind of asked this in another post but it must have gotten lost among my other questions. So here it is on its own:
How often do (/did) you wear your -1.00s and for which activities, in what kind of light etc. ?


I just started EM last month with -1.25/-1.00 and I only use -0.75/-0.75 (contact lenses) right now for sports, driving, at night or in crowded places (to clearly recognize faces quickly). Otherwise I am lens-free as long as I feel comfortable.

Being outside in bright light gives me almost perfect vision and a lot of clear flashes.

EDIT: I do notice better visual acuity from less lens wear, but I try to wear lenses a few hours each day to prevent blur adaptation. Since I just started out I can’t say for sure how this will develop, but without lenses I see a significant amount of clear Double Vision that I try to resolve actively.

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probably as often as you wear your -5’s :wink: sorry, couldn’t resist

My current norms are -1.00s and I currently see about 20/25 with them. I’ve been usually putting them on in the afternoon or evening depending on if it’s a bright day or not. And sometimes just on and off during the day, when I think I’m seeing clearly, it’s good to know what perfect clarity is.

If you’re seeing 20/20 with your -1.00 you should consider reducing to -0.75s though


Never, but then I didn’t wear my -3’s either. Don’t listen to me, I am a heretic. :crazy_face:

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@Lajos So… never cause you’ve never had them…? lol

@wrathofthefallengods I’m just hesitant to reduce too fast. In the past one month I’ve gone from original prescription (-2.00 / -1.75) to first norms (-1.50 / -1.25) with which I had zero blur challenge, so quite quickly jumped down to these (-1.00s)… I now have a blur challenge but not sure if it’s “enough” to make progress. Still, I don’t want to confuse my visual cortex with too many rapid focal plane shifts so I think I’ll stick with these for a good 4 weeks and maybe switch then. Another issue is that, being a newbie, AF is still a bit of a question mark. Don’t know if I should wait to have solid AF to reduce or if reducing might help me get the right amount of stimulus to find AF…? :roll_eyes:

Since you’re also in the Low Myopia range, you could try practicing Active Focus without glasses. This helped me a lot and I definitely knew when I got it. With the slight underprescription on I can clear everything up but I wouldn’t have known that it is Active Focus if I only practised with these.

I think having a slight blur and being able to clear it up to almost 20/20 through AF should be enough, but again I’m also just a newbie.

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I only use -1.00 glasses outdoors to have some clarity some of the time- but usually I try to do active focus without glasses. Indoors I don’t use glasses at all.

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