How to buy a lens without error from the installer?

I often order glasses at many local optic shop but they often give me wrong corrections, the lenses they give are not same to what I ordered. sometimes they exaggerate the sph of one of the lenses, sometimes they reduce the cyl in one of the lenses or he takes the lens out of my PD. Sometimes he also places the cylinder on the wrong axis. they are often careless when it comes to attaching the lens so it doesn’t match what I ordered.

There are also local opticians who don’t know and don’t care about high index, also don’t want to measure PD.

So how do I get the correct correction according to what I ordered? without any carelessness and error from the installer when attaching my lens. Have you ever had the same experience as me? if one only of my corrections are wrong, of course it will hinder my progress.

You mean you go into an optician’s shop in your local area and choose frames there and order them in the shop and they don’t measure your pupillary position (height and distance)? And they give you the wrong glass? Then no - I have never ever heard of anything like that. Honestly it sounds like you would be better off ordering online (one can measure PD easily on your own/with a helpful friend, there are instructions online).


true, I should probably buy lenses online. but can online shops also be careless when attaching lenses?

Everyone can make mistakes, also an online retailer. But I would not say they are intentionally careless - quite the opposite in my personal experience. Do you have a complicated prescription? That could make it generally trickier. If one only has spherical it is easier to get it right (and conform it as a customer) than with extra cylinder/axis. I personally would just try it for myself and see if I like the result.