How to Buy trial lens kit inexpensively

This is mine and it took only about 44$ except 2 of the canvex(+diopter) lens which the seller misshipped

my lens kit is capable with my diopter progress from 1.75, 3.25 diopter to all less diopter

Because diopter can be added by overlapping another lenses like this

i bought it at Aliexpress which is very cheap chinese product but i think it’s good enough

5 lens took 15.88$ and the frame took 12$
but now i find it takes about 13$ with 5 lens.

i can say that it’s a cheap one and these’re not same as ordinary glasses. But, it’s good to know what diopter is needed to me with snellen chart.

It’s not good idea to wear it all time. Cus the test lens frame push my nose too much.

So, if you want a cheap test lens kit, you can buy it.
the link is

US $9.99 | 5pcs Optical Ophthalmic lenses Trial lenses for trial lens set Metal rim DIA 38mm

US $12.00 | New design trial lens frame Optical trial frame Light weight Comfortable wearing

I recommend this to who don’t want useless lenses in trial lens kit to save money.


This is also true of the more expensive kits. Trail frames are not designed to be comfortable to wear, they’re designed to be highly adjustable for a lot of different face shapes and hold an array of lenses, so they’re always going to be more awkward than real glasses.

Excellent find. If you have astigmatism, add the slit to your order and you can skip buying cylinder lenses.

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Can you explain how to use the ‘slit’ to determine astigmatism? I just bought a trial lens kit, and also bought some missing lenses from AliExpress.

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