How to Clean Your Glasses

I had wondered about laundering those microfiber cloths for cleaning glasses, and this piece recommends it.

  1. Dawn is the only soap I know of that cleans clean without ADDING greasy streaks (due to skin softeners etc).

  2. Microfiber cloths MUST be likewise be washed with a detergent-free, additive-free soap like Dawn (or they cease to be “microfiber”).

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My trick has always been:

  1. Soap with no weird ingredients that cause streaking or reside.

  2. Wash glasses with soap and water.

  3. Rinse under faucet with a smooth water stream, letting the water flow top to bottom on the lens.

Ideally the water beads off, leaving perfectly clean glasses. No need to touch them with any sort of cloth at all.

Result, no scratches on the lens even after long term use.


Same for me. The only exception is that I usually have a few water beads left which I soak up with paper towel. So no rubbing at all, just lightly put the towel on the bead and it soaks it up.


I like that, except that I have been letting the water run from bottom to top of the lense because, at least for me, all the skin oil is at the top and I want it running off the edge of the lens rather than down over the lense.

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