How-To Guides: Freeloader Blog Vs. Member Community

The free blog really has a crazy amount of detailed guides. Too much even, maybe.

I’ve always been happy to help out, DIY style. But it seems we should differentiate between the absolute “must have” for the general public vs. what might be best reserved for those of us who help build and share endmyopia. Especially when I get e-mail of people complaining the free stuff isn’t structured enough, or how videos have too much ramble, I always feel reminded that they’re already getting way too much for nothing.

Everybody should have a chance to improve their eyesight. But why just shovel out what took years and sometimes many hundreds of people and trial and error to figure out?

Your thoughts?

Not saying you want to dig through all of the how-to section, more just a gauge on what you think about where we might want to draw the line of what general non-participating public really needs as basic 20/20 gains guides.

Ultimately, endmyopia in three tiers:

  1. Freeloaders. Cover the basics, not leave people stuck with the stupid mainstream agenda of leasing out eyesight via. plastic focal planes. Website, blog, Facebook group. DIY.

  2. Le Meow / contributing community. More detailed guides here, specific approaches, specific guide videos, Q&As, community discussion, sharing ideas and steps and things. No need to spend money, no need to fuel Jakey’s drug habits - but the give and take of contributing to the resource in exchange for being able to use the resource (extended version). No riff-raff, FB plzz-bros. Especially here too, getting into lifestyle ideas and ways to enjoy less diopters, away from screens.

  3. BackTo20/20. Some people really just want all their questions answered, a structured approach, no time for community or DIY or messing around. Just sessions, step by step, minimal time invested. Happy to do this also, a simple transactional trade.

Main thing, separating 1) from 2). If you’ve got thoughts on this, feel free to share here. Especially curious since you have first hand experience into what you really needed, and where you feel would be a fair place to go from just handing out help, to trading for community benefit.


Cool! I am curious about the cognitive sweep exercise that is mysteriously referred to in some of the blog posts. :slight_smile: If it’s something that you recommend. And really anything else about astigmatism. Thanks!

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Honestly, there is nothing wrong with getting paid for your work, especially when you are helping people, which you are. So the whole thing could be pay to see.

Having said that, I am super thankful, and feel super blessed to have found your site and to be able to get this info for free. Of course I would rather it be laid out in a step by step fashion, but then I stop and remember that its FREE. Honestly, I don’t understand the people that don’t want to put in a little work to, 1) read enough to see if the info is legit, and then, 2) put in the work to understand and start improving their vision.

I personally get very frustrated with the misinformation that is out there about this and many many other topics. And I get very frustrated about most people’s inability or unwillingness to think critically and weed through the garbage and find the truth about any given subject. So, because of this, I am somewhat motivated to help further the cause, and because maybe its a way to earn my keep, so to speak. And I do want to help people know that they don’t have to wear glasses. Sometimes I’m just not too sure THEY want to know.


I think this approach is great. Hiding everything behind a pay-wall would be a shame, this knowledge should have a chance to spread. So: Free DIY blog - great

On the other hand, I also totally agree that somebody who puts in such an amount of effort should be paid for it. So: Paid structured program with support - also great

I was also missing the part in between. A possibility to communicate with other people who are doing the same thing, without necessarily having to pay the full price for the one on one support. Facebook was great for that, but I agree that there were too many “please help me” posts and other rubbish from people who just comment on EVERYTHING. So, the good information gets swamped by the yada yada yada.

Bottom line: LE MEOW - super cool! :slight_smile:


I agree about LE MEOW - super cool!

I also like the idea that we all can contribute to the resource. Maybe it would be helpful if there were some kind of list on possible ways to contribute, what would be of service to the Endmyopia project? Then we can put our collective experiences and knowledge to the best use!

For me, the opportunity for Q&A, correcting some misunderstandings, sounds great. I look forward to the community discussion, which I believe can be more relevant here than in the Facebook-group. And specific approaches, specific guides etc - two thumbs up!


Agree 100% with Michael’s feedback.

Free site: edit as you wish according to available time on your hands. This is your baby…no spoon feeding to freeloaders…they should not be complaining. The Go To drop down and YouTube videos are sufficient for do-it-yourselfers willing to put in research time. I’ve developed step by step tutorial software …very time-consuming. Freeloaders don’t deserve it.

FB: has a life of its own. Wonderful supportive members. Your posts of 20/20 gains are what we live for and why we visit the site. Everyone new asks “but does it work?”

Back to 20/20: as advertised. One on one support is prompt, personal, and thoughtful. The daily lessons were a fun read…always made me smile. As paying clients, students might offer continuous process improvements if site is not fulfilling needs…only they deserve to ask for changes if needed.:wink:

Meow: oh my gosh! honored to be here! It’s more ambitious than expected. Love it! Jake…not sure where you find the time to read, reply, produce, support, develop, etc and avoid eye strain.:slightly_smiling_face: I wish I chose a profession that didn’t destroy my vision. Being part of a team that supports natural vision improvement is such a joy :hugs:

I’ll post my intro soon…I’m too wordy. My supervisors have always complained why I can’t write emails in a few short concise words…working on it! Lol


Hello everyone! Nice to be here!
And thank you Jake!

I think this is a great idea.
And you should not feel any pressure on mantaining this community. Just do what you want to do. In the free time that you got.

Looking forward for the future here!


That’s a great idea. I’ll compile a list!

There are some simple basic things that I just haven’t managed to pull off. Partially just not enough time, and then some things are just not easy to outsource to pay random people. And I’m also a huge introvert so anything requiring communicating with strangers is very far down on my list (though so important).


I’m thinking that how we can contribute also depends upon what our end goal is. Do we want to spread Endmyopia to as many as possible? Do we want to be underground, working under the radar? Or something else?

I remember you saying that BBC asked you to do a documentary, and you turned them down. That would argue for the second approach. But maybe one day will come when the BBC documentary is inevitable. I hope it will take some time, because then your time will be sucked up by journalists and other people. But I think this message will in a few years time be taken up by the big media, and you might want to have credit for the idea. So maybe we should prepare for that day as well?

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Seeping into the consciousness of those who have an inclination to take care of their bodies. And people into sports, outdoors, enjoying life.

The general mainstream sheeple have plenty of other problems to sort out first. It would be pretty rough and potentially not fun to be suddenly exposed to the mainstream. On the other hand anyone who figured out health issues previously, or wants to enjoy proper natural eyesight, inclined to explore our ideas. Those kinds of communities would be great for us to connect with.


Thanks, always good to know the end goal when planning the action :slight_smile: I agree about the mainstream media - I think it would take a lot of time and lead to a lot of mean comments.


Great comments so far! :ok_hand:t2:

I will say I appreciated hearing in Jake’s YouTube videos that I can completely get all the info from the blog and do this DIY style. Exact step by step info wasn’t there but that was okay with me because as long as the info I needed was SOMEWHERE on the blog, I could search and get it when I needed it.

The FB group has been really valuable to me as well but I am definitely thankful and excited for this smaller community opportunity!


As Sean said, of course everyone would like the free information to be laid out and structured. That being said though, the information on the blog is extensive, and personally, I’m grateful it’s there at all. You are under no obligation to post anything. Anyone who does not understand that, and appreciate what is available has ridiculous expectations. There are so many different starting points and scenarios for eyesight, that it would be impossible to cover them all on a free blog, so the best you can do is cover the foundations and the freeloaders have to decide for themselves how they think it should best be applied.

In my opinion, something that separates 1) from 2), is that those in 2) have done some work. They understand the main concepts and are making changes in their lives to improve their eyesight (even if they haven’t reduced yet, they are at least working to reduce close up strain and increase outdoor time, etc.). The plzzz bro people can’t even be motivated to read the blog and rules, so it seems reasonable to suspect they would be least likely to trade for community benefit.


I feel kind of guilty for being a freeloader. And I am because I haven’t paid Jake anything. And that was with me just reading Endmyopia. Now that I have been allowed to be part of this community, I have double guilt. I didn’t realize what a gem Jake was planning this to be! I thought we’d be planning on how to bring down the whole optometry industry. (Not really.) Or talking trash about them and maybe swapping a story or two. This is way beyond my expectations. I’m thinking if you want this to be s subscriber site, that would make a lot of sense. I don’t know, but I’d be happy to do something to help Jake out after all he has done for me so far.


I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re asking, but I personally wanted to join this group because I guess I had the idea it was going to be a place where people could post about things that aren’t necessarily specific to healing the eyeballs, but related in some way to the “vision quest” as I like to call it. Also, I don’t really want to be on Facebook. I keep thinking about deleting my Facebook, but then there is the Endmyopia group that I don’t want to lose.

Lifestyle ideas–that is a big one. Not sure what to say about it, but I love hearing what people do to exercise & maintain long-distance vision, as well as how ending myopia just changes life in general. For instance, someone mentioned being more idle, being okay with being idle.

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No worries! I don’t want to charge money for this community. My thing really is about wanting to offer more resources and community to those who participate and don’t have a passive sort of “freeloader” outlook towards this project.

Even that category is fine, should be well served by the blog and Facebook group. I just want a separation from that to some degree. Rather check on questions and feedback and chat here than my email that’s full of one sided type of requests.

BackTo20/20 is paid just because I do individual case specific, guaranteed support. If I don’t specifically have to partake on that level, then I’m perfectly happy with any efforts to spread the word about myopia. That’s really the biggest possible ‘thank you’ for me, making it possible for others to find endmyopia.

And yes, Facebook. Got so much email from readers who don’t want to be on there and I’m definitely in that camp. It’s nice for credibility though (“social proof”) and super easy as far as basic meeting place for readers of the blog.


I think the blog and facebook are fantastic resources, and far more than one could reasonably expect for free. However, it’s difficult to provide a platform that’s so open access, whilst simultaneously diving deep into the finer points… so now we are here :smiley:
I think it’s very generous of you to provide and participate in not one, but two free communities, in the attempt to spread this info far and wide. :clap:


I’m super grateful for it all. I was hooked on the endmyopia site. So much info, so much evidence. Then the Facebook group was great because I stopped feeling like a lone myopic weirdo who was screwing up my myopic children as well, and Le Meow has been great for more focused conversation and support from others. I think the three different options are nice. The blog, Le Meow and Back to 20/20. It’s pathetic that Jake would get so much negative email. People want everything handed to them sometimes now. Lazy.


everything is great As-Is. the 3-tier system is perfect. Jake, spend as much (or as little time as you want). you’ve given already so much to seed and nourish this place.

LeMeow is the best thing since sliced bread.
of course, i felt really frustrated when i was first confronted with the blog and the facebook community.
of course, i felt cynical and disbelieving.
but, in my life, despite my many expensive tastes, have decided that the best things in life are free, and furthermore that if people want to do free things WITH you…
they are the best.



I’m with Emily here – I’ve scoured the most remote corners of the internet to discover what the mysterious cognitive sweep is, so far to no avail. If that’s something that could be revealed to group 2) (the contributing/Le Meow community) that would be awesome and help me conquer my astigmatism! :slight_smile:

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