How to read this prescription

Does someone understand these numbers?
This is the eye exam I took in 2004 when I was ready for LASIK! I was pissed off when doctor told me that my cornea is to thin for lasik.
Now I’m so happy about that!!!

Clarification I need is about basic data, sph cyl… cos they don’t match with glasses I used to wear at that time. (-3.75 OS -3.25OD, no cyl)
Thanks for help.

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You might start fresh with cm measurement and calculate diopter measurement from that. This is a detailed mapping of the eye, not an average power for maximum visual acuity. Autorefraction is not a good way to determine lens power, it’s just a ball park.

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Thanks Denise for your reply, but I just need to know if those numbers relate somehow to sphere and cylinder, cos I can’t understand why I was wearing glasses with higher correction compared to the numbers handwritten by the doctor. Maybe it’s just negligence of the doctor, he didn’t tell me at all that my glasses were overprescribed, or maybe my -3.75os -3.25os were the right correction but I can’t figure out how and why reading this detailed prescription.
For sure I need to ask this to an eye doctor but maybe someone here in the forum is able to understand and clarify.

The strength of change at the eyeball is always lower than the strength at glasses distance. Read up on Vertex Distance.

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When I went looking for astigmatism app on Apple store, the only things I found were ones that convert measures like these into diopters and axis, or prepped cuts for rk (seriously, that’s what it looked like).

Perhaps there are apps online that you could plug these figures into to explore what was going on.

Here’s what I think: those measurements are at the eye itself from the mapping of the cornea your eye the machine did. In order to correct those minor pathologies at the front of the eye, a stronger correction needed to be added to put the image at the right place at the back of the eye.

Summoning @Varakari, because I’ll bet he has some insight about these numbers, the machine or both.


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Whoops, I’m tardy at being summoned this time. :innocent:

But yea, while I don’t know the machine, it looks like it’s specialized on keratometry, which is very cool and detailed but not something to rely on for picking the total power of your glasses. It shows a whole lot of detail about your cornea, but you have so little astigmatism that this information isn’t particularly useful for you.


Thanks a lot for the info.

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