How to reduce mild astigmatism in non dominant eye?

Anyone have advice? The image from left eye has a slight defocus overall due to mild astigmatism that is uncorrected. About 0.25 to 0.33D, and horizontal lines are slightly blurrier if anything.

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I started this journey with a high astigmatism in my right eye, vertical lines much clearer (axis about 180).

I started looking for horizontal surfaces without glasses and pursuing active focus. It seems to be ameliorating the cylinder but it’s awful slow.

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@kem , thanks. Do you have amblyopia in that eye? I think I have extremely minor amblyopia in my left eye that eye doctors never caught, but I can actually make it go away temporarily almost at will via active focus and alternately blocking one eye at a time.

Yes, it developed over time.

I’m working on it now with vision therapy, patching, and even some prism work.

It’s slow and torturous, but I’m getting good results.

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My test lens kit has prisms and red and green lenses, so I have two base up right eye (red) and one base down left (green) and I use the tranaglyph for convergence/divergence work.

The VT people have cooler toys than I do.

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