How to remember differentials when using at the computer?

I guess this might be a common problem: you start off using the differentials and then get interupted and leave the computer. You put on normalized, otherwise you can’t see well to walk around. After the interuption is done you return and continue at the computer not remembering to switch back to the differentials.

Several times today I’ve found myself using normalized glasses at the computer.

Any tips on how to remember to put on the differentials?

On your computer’s lock screen, write something like “Are you wearing differentials?”


I used to have this issue. One thing that made me realize I was wearing normalized while on the computer was noticing the immediate strain I would get when I had normalized on when using the computer. Detecting strain is something you’ll learn on your journey back to 20/20. When you get strain suddenly, you can tell you’re wearing normalized.

Just don’t worry too much about this. When you realize you’re not using the differential for close-up, switch. Sooner or later you will automatically make the switch, and sooner or later you will feel eye strain when you are not using differential for close-up, so it will remind you. Don’t worry and don’t bash yourself about it, just switch when you realize it.


There are micro-break and break reminder apps that remind you to stretch, check your posture, look at something a long distance away, etc. You can take advantage of those frequent opportunities to re-asses your situation and put the correct glasses on. I use one called “Stretchly” that I like quite a bit.

I’ve had this problem, as well as the reverse – sitting there with my diffs on, everything blurry, thinking, dang I must be tired or, man the lighting in here is really crap. After several mishaps though I have started to notice how poor the acuity is sitting back down at the computer with norm’s on. Agree with Dávid, don’t over-rotate on this, not a big deal.