How to sell glasses to children who doesn't need glasees

this morning I saw a newspaper article hanged on the window of an optometrist shop near my home.
at the top, a big picture of a child with glasses and underneath it the title “eye test will prevent learning problems at school”
and don’t be wrong, it’s not the advice of optometrists but no less than the ophthalmology section at a well-known hospital in my country.
in that article, you can find the ophthalmology crew recommendation on an eye test for every child, even if he doesn’t complain about vision problems and his parents don’t observe any difficulty, because an early diagnosis can prevent difficulties with starting first grade at school".

without a doubt, this article hanging on the optometrist’s window is going to bring him a lot 6 years old clients. SADLY!!!


I am terribly angry
How could people be so greedy to mske profit out of innocent kids’ healths?


Don’t shoot me please, but - I have a little BUT here.
I have a colleague. It took her about THREE YEARS to find out her son had serious vision problems. Like, the little one was bumping into pretty much anything that crossed his way - and that age, EVERYthing does cross a kid’s way :smiley:
He honestly had to wear a helmet in kindergarten, because, so many accidents…
Guess it was the kindergarten staff that urged for the eye test. Poor child had a lot of other health problems as well, and in adition was not able to see 3D. Glasses made a lot of sense here…
So, there simply are a lot of parents who do not notice this kind of things - because they haven’t had that problem themselfes, or they simply don’t want to face it, or, like in this case, have a lot of other problems taking up all their attention…
And there are kids that have trouble at school, because they can’t read the board.
So, I’m not so much against eye test, they might help some kids.
But of course, I’m totally with you when it comes to the consequence being “Let them wear glasses!”… :open_mouth: