How to step back

I need your suggestion, I am using 4.25 on both eyes , doing active focus and less close up 20/20/20 but still not getting improvement?

I think I need to back to 4.75 on both and start again, how I should do it just wear my previous glasses.

I would say 0.5 won’t make a difference. However, the choice is yours.

Every 0.25 makes a big difference.
You need to use the right diopters for the right distance and right text sizes. So it all depends on your distance active focus habit.

What are your centimeter measurements now? Did you measure before you started?

I can able to read 20/40 under artificial light 57watt bulb with my glasses

My brother have eye glasses right eye .25and left eye .5 . I put 0.5 lens on my glasses I can able to read 20/25 even 20/20 under artificial light 57watt bulb

Try measuring how far you can see in centimeters from print. I encourage you to click the link below and try out this diopter calculator tool.

For example, if you remove glasses, cover one eye and move slowly back 24 cm before the text begins to blur, that will be about -4.25 as a correction.