Howdy from another person who wants to ditch glasses!

A United States native who have lived in seven of those States but most of my life in Manhattan, I’ve now been settled in a Mediterranean seaside town in Catalonia for eight years. When I could no longer see the blackboard at school and depended on eagle-eyed Christie Charleton to read for me, I got glasses at the age of 13. Since both of my parents wore glasses, I thought that meant I was now a big boy. I’m now in my 70s and tired of being a big boy. Optometrists have themselves been lowering my “prescibed” diopters lately. They’ve gradually taken me down from -3.50 to -3.0. I am now wearing -2.75 for distance, which gives me perfect distance vision, but according to my tape measure and the distance-measuring app is still over-correction. I read books and a computer screens with perfect clarity without correction. I have ordered new distance glasses to introduce some blur, and I’m greatly enjoying this adventure.


Welcome to the forum! It’s good to have you here. My daughter tells me that, when she will be a mama, she will get to wear glasses (like me). And I keep telling her there is no glory in wearing them, and that I am working on getting rid of mine. So important to set the right example.
Way to go for not wanting to be just a “big boy”, and instead wanting more and better.

Yes! It’s super-great not always to have things in front of my eyes when I’m interacting with friends!

(I’m the guy standing up in the black shirt with the liberated eyes, as they were before I was 13 and fell into the hands of optometry. I’m now 73, so it’s evidently never too late!)

Welcome to the proceedings and shenanigans! :wink: