Howdy! I'm the Newbie

Howdy! I just joined. I stumbled on this website because one day I realized I was reading with glasses even though I should read fine without them. I thought how stupid I was. I did a quick search on a search engine which led me to finding out I can improve my vision. What a happy day it was that I discovered y’all. Thank you for being here for us newbies! I haven’t had my eye examination yet which will be next week, but as far as I know I should be -1.50 Right and between -1.5 and -1.75 in my left. I read about some of you with way higher diopters going through this and it’s so motivating. If you guys will welcome me, I’d love to be here!


Yes, reading without glasses (both from print and from the computer) was my first liberating experience, too. Extending that to the rest of the universe is our quest now. Welcome!

Thanks! Hopefully I will log my success here!

Welcome to the forum. Have you had your test? What’s your official starting point for the EM reductions to come?