H's Meowvellent Adventure

I was wondering whether or not to start one of these threads, but hey ho it’s the first of January. Not that I’m one that makes new years resolutions. Intro thread here. Hopefully I’ll remember to post progress roughly monthly. I’m not too sure what else to add right off the bat.

Here’s the first one. I’ll get some graphs going when I’ve got more data points.

I learnt active focus on the 14th Dec and made a thread about it here, with some discussion on astigmatism. Interesting to note that although my astigmatism measurement was quite fickle before I learnt AF, post-AF astigmatism measurement is so frustrating to measure as it’s so erratic.

A nice trend seems to have started already in just two weeks of doing it. I’ve been wearing the differentials (-3sph only) that I first got 99% of the time in the past month stuck in lockdown. Ordered the first pair of normalized, waiting for them to arrive.



First pair of normalized arrived today, -3.75 binocular with no cylinder. Spent half the day wearing them, and it was nice to not have to focus so intensely as it was with the -3 diffs. These norms are sharp but not as intensely sharp as my legacy lenses, there is still a tiny amount of blur to clear up and I can do it pretty easily. Unfortunately is was very overcast and dark today so can’t assess how they are in nice bright light.

I have a pair of cheap JCCs and saw that with 0.5cyl added the image becomes ultra-super-sharp like the legacy pair, to the point that there’s nothing to clear up any more. Another thing I noticed after looking at the Siemens star chart was that my axis rotates 90° from near-focus to far-focus. This means that with this pair I have a slight directional blur challenge in every plane except the sweet-spot in the middle of the whole focus range. It’s easily dealt with though.

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missed this one but good start to a gains thread!

Too bad the title isn’t as relevant now the forum’s been renamed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve been referencing a car license plate across the street about 50-60m away and I can almost get it to clear up perfectly, and on a good day I can. With 0.5cyl again I can see it sharp with no effort.

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January update


u also using varakari’s vision log?

Nope, just manual measurement and a spreadsheet.


its awesome. I’d highly recommend it. I only started it using it half way through my journey and regret not doing it from the start.

I also have a excel spreadsheet.

I had a look at it. It’s Windows only and closed source. It looks interesting but I’ll pass :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I want to try it out as well, but not enough to run Windows to do so. Once it is available for MacOS or Linux I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

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The log’s xml format is open though, so it’s possible to create an open source variant which uses the same log file.

I abandoned Linux (Fedora Silverblue and openSUSE Tumbleweed) and switched to Windows 10 again. Fedora even won’t install properly and openSUSE met me with significant enough imperfections. Simply too much maintenance in Linux - I’d like to live my life and not have to deal with unstable/untested updates, compatibility and other quirky solutions arising from that. Yes, those concerned with privacy have a hard time with Windows’ whims to collect many types of data, but I agree that “there is nothing hidden except to be disclosed” and honestly, nothing to hide from 'em.

My opinion is that Windows is now very stable and fast, without artifacts in the interface - the one more prominent is bad kerning in OneDrive menu appearing from the tray. Linux even won’t adequately handle OOM conditions (there are fixes of this now, but after a decade of “silence” about this problem) and the only option in most out-of-the-box Linuxes following my laziness to not open too much tabs in browser is to hold the Power button for 5 seconds. In fact it appears nabling swap file for SSD is not harmful though. Still poor OOM handling, but will be fixed from Fedora 34 using Facebook’s OOMD. Facebook developers who prefer Linux have Fedora as the only option currently BTW :slight_smile:

Same reason why I’ve switched back to Windows from full time linux back in around 2006. And the same reason why I’m using iOS instead of Android (though Android got much better in this regard lately, but the main philosophy still not changed).

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My primary workstation runs MacOS, but I have a few Linux VMs that I run on there from time to time. I do own a Windows 10 PC but I only use it for gaming. I try to avoid cross-contamination between my workstation and my gaming system. The only exception is video transcoding. I use my Windows PC for that since it has a lot more CPU & GPU power. I also keep my PC powered off unless I’m actually gaming with it… which helps to keep the power bills and heat levels in my office in check. :slight_smile:

So, while I could technically use the tool on my Windows machine, it really isn’t an option for me since I do all my logging and such on my Mac, so I’d much rather be able to run it there. I could set up a Windows VM on the Mac for that, but that would be too much effort for one application.

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Don’t get me wrong - Linux is a good enough OS. But I feel like the system concepts change every like 5 years and in Linux there could be really nothing to invest into as it imposes a restriction on viewing computers as helpers in our life. Instead, I feel lke constantly helping my computer as opposed to it helps me vast majority of the time. Adding to I have found much better areas of expanding my knowledge than computer operating system and software, I decided to go for a product and not a set of often confrontational and egoistic ideas Linux community developers aim mainly for themself.

Open source software perhaps has some perspective (for example, Discourse has open source), but Linux isn’t a perfect example what open source developer community can and can’t do.

What is the main philosophy of Android?

February update, mostly flatlined this month.

On the debate that seems to have started in this thread, I’m not going to deal with Microsoft’s and Apple’s shenanigans, so I won’t use their products. Case in point for Apple, the recent trustd debacle, and the general walled prison that the Apple ecosystem is. Nor do I agree to eithers’ privacy policies or terms of use (yes, I read them). I value independence from some big tech company pushing updates, monitoring anything, or dictating how I can or cannot use my machine.

As for usability I have been running Debian on my main machine since I bought it and installed it eight years ago without a single hitch. That is more than what I can say for Windows, which for many years prior was just headache after headache, and with constant faffing around. Even my elders use Debian and since switching I hear less complaints from them about their machine, with zero maintenance from my part when I visit.

I have Windows on a dual-boot partition in case I ever need it for something obscure, but as it stands it’s just sitting there wasting drive space and will most certainly get wiped in the near future. To each their own.


Thanks for your testimony.

I tried Linux (Fedora Workstation and openSUSE Tumbleweed) again because I have to decide between extra $100 for hardware vs software while buying a laptop. Debian has outdated software in “stable” edition, also I don’t trust much any *-based distros. Mint was great though, but after an update Software Center went crazy and laptop’ fans spinned very fast each time I opened it. As well in Linux there are troubles with hardware - my Atheros Wi-Fi card gave only 40 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps in Windows. And my new SSD copies a big file at 80 MB/s in Linux vs full 360 MB/s in Windows.

So I’m gonna to throw my proud Linux community regalia and to continue being a grey Windows mouse. Sorry :slight_smile: Find me on reddit r/Fedora (u/kryvonismarkiyan) to know more - no registration required.

It’s good you have the faculties to stand your own and let companies’ do not step into your platform, but I seem to have zero stoppers on accepting Microsoft, Google or other licenses. Yes, I would do this through teeth :grimacing: but now I understand I am really bare and have nothing neither to hide nor to obscure. A major agreement they shouldn’t be uploading so much diagnostic data (telemetry), but I don’t do things which are shameful to other people and want to use my computer - not my computer use me. I agree Microsoft/Apple/Google and many giants in computing technology are imperative and superior, but so are people maintaining/using Free Software. Look at GNOME developers which don’t take into account users’ proposals for example.

I don’t game at all though, so anyone like me would like to seek a laptop without discrete graphics to let CPU/RAM to be more expensive/powerful for the same price.

P. S. H guy, look at the kerning of text in your image containing the table: it’s the reason as well I’d refrain from the old LibreOffice which is packaged in Debian stable. Overall Debian looks for me like a henhouse with tons of unecessary load like supporting obscure arhitectures instead of only main ones - to free the resources for e. g. upstreaming the bugs. And this image is enough for me to suspect you use Linux, since this font is called Liberation Sans and is the default font for many Linux distros.

P. P. S. I will certainly use Fedora Workstation GNOME/Cinnamon/KDE or openSUSE Tumbleweed/LEAP KDE if my choice was limited to Linux. Mint Cinnamon/MATE/XFCE and Ubuntu LTS (maybe non-LTS) with GNOME/KDE/XFCE/MATE are also an option. I would use Arch, Debian or Manjaro at the last. Always completely avoided distros as Gentoo, Slackware or LFS. I fully avoid LXQt - people report its state currently is abomination. I prefer Wayland over X.org due to absence of smooth scrolling in e. g. Firefox. But I prefer Chrome, which seem to work better under XWayland than X.org too.

P. P. P. S. FreeBSD also has KDE Plasma and is usable on desktop a bit, but only a bit. For something really innovative, tried NixOS Linux, GuixSD and Fedora Siverblue. All in the current paragraph are borderline to unusable as a daily driver.

Why Windows 10 Sucks: Why Windows 10 sucks or Everything Wrong with Microsoft Windows
Why Linux Sucks: Main Linux problems on the desktop, 2021 edition or why Linux sucks

They have a release cycle consistent with Mac/Win - about every two years. I don’t get the complaint? If you want a new version of something just get it from the backports repo, it’s what I do. Or Flatpak if you want the bleeding edge. That’s just my view and preference for Debian, but there’s lots of other flavours.

This is largely due to proprietary firmware from walled-off manufacturers. Pick hardware with a little bit of common sense, avoiding the anti-freedom manufacturers, and it’ll be fine. I’ve never had an issue. Don’t get me started on the nightmare that is “drivers” on Windows…

Mentalities like these are at the core of why the world is descending into technocratic totalitarianism. Whatever rights you give up the big tech companies along with governments will take complete advantage of and creep in more violations slowly over time, as has been happening in the last 20-30 years.

This is the old “nothing to hide” fallacy.

People didn’t like what Gnome 3 was doing (me included), so they forked Gnome 2 into MATE. Again I don’t see the issue? If you don’t like stock Gnome 3, configure it yourself, use any of the other dozen environments like MATE, or fork your own if you know how. The point is that you have options here. With Mac/Win you have zero options.

I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. It’s only in LibreOffice documents though and is enabled by checking a box in the options.

Nonsense. Wide architecture support is one of the best things about Debian alongside its reliability. A valid comment would be that you specifically aren’t interested in them.

I would agree.

I used to run Slackware on my 486 back before the Pentium came out. When the chromebooks started coming out I used to just put Ubuntu on them, but lately with the newer Linuxes it’s like “do I feel like spending my weekend dealing with a new operating system”? And the answer is no. So I’ve been beaten down and just run Chrome with a Linux partition. (I bought a Microsoft product when Windows 10 came out and had to return it, can’t live like that. Apple’s been dead to me since the Apple II+, I liked that one.) It always seems like with Linux everything almost works perfectly, but if you want it to work perfectly WITH sound and TOUCHSCREEN then you have to spend time on a forum and re-compile the kernal after you add a line to a header file and solder a jumper onto you motherboard… Usually when I have the soldering iron out in my hand I start thinking, OK, maybe I’d rather just run Android apps…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, maybe you should log the minutes of outdoor activity or non-screen time and plot them with your blur-horizon. There’s an old adage of “what gets measured gets managed” and the blur horizon is kind of the “output” of your “eye improving habits and activities”, so that might help you say “I only spent 10 minutes outside today and 15 hours in front of the computer” (or whatever the case may be.) It might help you find whatever threshold of outdoor quality time you have to hit before the blur horizon recedes.


One I like is Fedora. Debian has dropped support for Linux Standard Base (LSB) in 2015 - the next thing confirming the distro does not do any efforts making the “Linux One” distro to create a long-wanted standard kernel-space/userspace extensible framework, that’s why I avoid it. OpenSUSE is the second, and then Mint (based on Ubuntu and Debian athough is worthy because of user-friendliness). Ubuntu since this is the choice of most OEMs adopting Linux.

Each of 100 possibly shares this opinion - quite unpopular in the UK :slight_smile:

I would agree, although I favor time over privacy.

One and enough option - the default Windows/Mac desktop. For me, last but not least. My impression Plasma and GNOME 3 (now GNOME 40+) are the only things I could call DE. Cinnamon as well. Other than that looks half-baked and fragments only further, so is not worth a cent (read “a second”).

Seem to not work for years. Now is promised to be fixed in 7.0 after like beginning of LibreOffice.

I would agree.