Hubby is getting his toes in the water

Introducing my husband by proxy:

His vision isn’t as bad as mine, he really stands a chance of getting to 20/20, in the near future, at least for near vision.

Currently ~-3.00 S, -1.25 C, with a +1.25 reading bifocal.
…and one eye has Prism 1, Base: Basedown

So although he’s much less myopic than me, his prescription is more complex.

He’s moderately motivated to give things a try, as he has a lot of eye strain at the end of the work day, and sometimes even drives without his glasses because of the eye strain. He’s been playing with reading his phone without glasses at least. He’s not motivated enough to do more than a minute of testing at a time, and I’ll probably have to order his lenses for him.

We’ve tested the axis of astigmatism with the stenopic slit in the trial kit, he has double vision that goes away with the slit in the right direction. The double vision is present at the end of a long day even with his full prescription lenses.

Given his presbyopia, his occupation and hobbies, I think we’ll start with computer glasses for him. If we start with normalized he’ll pretty much only use them for driving, and probably not be motivated to do AF. I need to learn a bit more about prisim, play with the trial kit, and see if he needs that in computer lenses or not.


A primer on prisim.

Confirmed I do have prism lenses in the test kit.

“Prism Diopters (PD; not to be confused with Pupillary Distance) on a scale of every half centimeter”

Keywords to research: diplopia, strabismus, tropias, phorias
I don’t think he has those things, he has double vision in each eye, not just with binocular vision. The prisim may be totally unnecessary.

I had trouble getting the trial frames back from hubby. We started with his prescribed reading bifocal power, he liked best dropping 0.25 sphere in one eye and 0.5 cylinder (0.25 spherical equivalent) in the other, with no prism. It feels like we’re complicating things a bit more, but it is moving both eyes in the right direction so I let him insist it was right. He can see most of the letters on the 20/30 line in them, but we’ll establish habits of computer vs driving lenses and give that time to settle before making new changes.

So we ordered driving lenses that were his prescribed lenses minus the prisim, and computer glasses at -2 S -0.75C/-1.5 S -1.25C. No more bifocals*!

(*Bifocals are good if you don’t want to deal with separate lenses. They are protective against myopia progression.)

I use mine in the hindering direction to strengthen the extraocular muscles. I’ve gone from a deficiency of apx 3.5 PD to able to achieve, at times, 8 PD in the opposite direction.

My VT was stunned when I pulled that off.

I ordered a combination of 6PD prism lenses (again, hindering rather than assisting) for short training sessions.

It really helped.



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Hubby’s glasses came today. He’s quite happy with them so far. The stronger lenses (full prescription but not bifocals) he intends to just use for driving. The differentials he thinks he could use all the time, he’s not concerned with blur beyond his computer and books. I’m not too worried about blur adaption, because his life is his computer and books.


That sounds like me before endmyopia.

He thinks he gets active focus, but the distance for that is a lot further than his habitual viewing. He is all for doing a step down in a couple months. He’s also noticing the difference between morning and evening Snellen results.

After a few weeks in them, he’s decided to go to just dropping sphere and put the cylinder back. Ordering him new computer glasses same time as mine.


Once you get somebody to experiment, there’s usually no turning back. Something about realizing how it all works and how tweaking things changes how you see, that genie doesn’t go back in the bottle.



Good for your now you have a at home partner to share with too.


My after-contacts defocus trial frames have been absconded with. He’s playing with a more severe drop in sphere. Says there’s no blur challenge when sitting upright, but has some when he leans back, so sounds about right.


Shipping delays are particularly frustrating when you might be improving/adapting faster than you can buy new lenses.


The new glasses with full cylinder back and a step back in sphere are better. We’re discussing long term strategies, his differentials are likely to be all cylinder at some point on the standard plan of reductions.

I suspect they’ll need to have at least -0.25D of sphere; I’ve tried stuff like that in the past and need to add the tiniest bit of sphere (online interfaces) before they’ll let me add cylinder (or prism).

In theory, -1.25C is -.625S, and even with 0S there’s still some myopia to resolve as well as astigmatism. There may be some yo-yoing around. as we drop C and add S and then drop S again.

So I just tried the cover-uncover and cross-cover test on hubby. His doc had prescribed 1 BaseDown, but I saw exophoria (eyes twitch in, which means resting position is out), which I would think would be compensated for with BaseIn? Maybe his eye twitch wanders? Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing?

Today on his weekly call to his parents he went on a long tangent about how great his computer glasses are…


Today I got hubby to settle down in front of the snellen chart. He has 20/20 vision in his differentials. :astonished: So I feel a lot better about the times he forgets his driving glasses. I don’t buy the EM party line about high visual acuity = overprescription, I say he has a superior retina and visual cortex along with good refraction But anyway, he’s definitely ready for binocular drop, and we’re going to pre-order a monocular drop for the right eye.


Lucky hubby to have you taking care of his EM journey for him :grin:

Well, he probably won’t get too far without AF, and he isn’t really interested in investing time, he does like his computer glasses though.

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