Hyperopia and progressive lenses

I know that @jakey does not recommend progressive lenses for myopia reversal.

But what about progressive lenses for hyperopia reversal?
I assume the same logic holds, it allows the eyes cheat too easily.

Does anyone has experience with either hyperopia reversal or progressive lenses use?

Would be great to get more info about these topics.

Don’t like them for anything - other than specific cases where that setup is necessary for work / school / something in particular.

Progressives especially, with the graduated change are the least ideal.

Plus they’re no good for defining the boundaries for the right habits. Taking off / putting on glasses is part of a ritual that also should trigger the right habits for the task.

And glasses are a crutch. Doesn’t need to be excessively comfortable.


Sounds dangerous.

It doesn’t just matter what you look at! The eye calibrates with the signal from peripheral vision! Adding extra focal zones willy-nilly might cause very unexpected responses.

The stimulus to shorten the eye can happen accidentally with such glasses. The stimulus is hard to hit, but extremely powerful if hit – at least five times more powerful than the elongation stimulus in animal studies. So bifocals are able to randomly cause unrealistic signals to the eyes.

Caveat emptor. Everyone is responsible for their weird experiments. My dad has this problem of hyperopia+presbyopia+astigmatism, and to be honest, I don’t think he’s managing to improve. This combination is hard to fix.

And for those without presbyopia, the idea is just nonsense. Simply reducing plus power to add near strain all the time should do the job of fighting hyperopia just fine.


I have computer progressives for myopia + presby when not wearing my contacts. They are really annoying for screen use for that exact reason in the link, which I hadn’t seen till now. You just end up using the distance part for screen reading… but then you’d have to sit like 4 feet away from the screen and tilt your head! I was wondering what to ask for at the optometrist’s today. I was thinking of asking for bifocals instead but now I see that’s not so hot either. 3 sets of glasses maybe.