I am new friend here! Please help me out from blur adaptation

Hi! My name is priya, And I’m from india .
~ When i was 12yrs old I have -0.75 in both eyes, I didn’t care at that tym, soon after 2 yrs (14) it increased to 3.75 in both eyes And I’m adapted to blur, So I started wearing glasses but after 3 yrs (17, at present) it’s -5 on ryt and -4 on left , Can u give me some precautions on how to remove blur adaptation??.. now I got my differential, normalized also say on how to use them thank you!

Hi Priya, Welcome!

Full correction: For driving or dangerous activities or use at night
Normalized: What you wear outside most of the time for normal activities, should have just a tiny bit of blur
Differentials: For reading or using the computer or working at a desk

These video might give you some ideas regarding blur adaptation. In general, you want to spend some time enjoying full correction outdoors to give yourself an idea of what clear vision is supposed to look like before you make big reductions.


It helped me a lot sis, ! Thank u for ur precious time :blush: for answering me , God bless you!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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